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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy


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Announcing your pregnancy is one of the first exciting steps towards welcoming your new baby to the world, especially if you have been patient and kept your news a secret for a while. Why not try one of these fun ways to announce your pregnancy with your friends and family?

Ways to tell your partner

• Leave him a positive pregnancy test to find, with a note ‘from the baby’ saying ‘Hi!’
• Make a banner or poster saying ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ to give him a big surprise after a day out or at work.
• If you can’t wait for him to get home, send him a photo of your positive test.

Interesting ways to tell your children

• Make a treasure hunt for them to follow. You could leave baby items for them to find, or write clues leading to an object (such as a new outfit or an ultrasound picture) for them to guess your news.
• Set an extra place at the table and leave a bib or a bottle there. Try not to mention it unless they do and see if they work it out.
• Get them to close their eyes and hand them a baby object (such as a dummy) and ask them to guess your news.

Fun ways to tell your family

fun ways to announce your pregnancy• Get some gifts with ‘new grandma’ etc written on them and send them out. A mug or a photo frame will not only be a fun way to share your news but will also be a nice reminder as they wait for the arrival of your new addition.
• Write ‘new big brother’ (or sister) on a t-shirt or bib when you next visit. Let your older child wear this and wait to see who notices first.
• Give out ‘save the date’ cards with your due date written on them.
• Give out copies of your ultrasound picture in a card saying ‘coming soon’.

Ideas for announcing your pregnancy to your friends

• Post a cryptic clue on your Twitter account. Something like: ‘12+3’ (12 weeks and 3 days pregnant). See who can guess your news first.
• Set up a few baby items and take a picture to share with your friends. You could create a scene with older children or pets and have fun writing captions to share your news. You could line up the members of your family, with a spare seat, baby carseat or even just a piece of paper with a large ‘?’ and take a picture to share.
• Make a poster with older children then photograph them holding it. ‘Promoted to big sister/brother’ could help to make them feel part of sharing your good news.
• Change your Facebook profile picture to an image from your ultrasound scan.
• Get your partner or children to draw on your tummy with makeup or face-paint. Comments such as ‘Occupied’ or ‘Scheduled for expansion’ could help to get your message across.





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