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Give your kids the attitude of gratitude


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Adopting a positive approach to the world makes for a happier life.  Yet not everyone finds it easy to see the good, especially if things are not going well.  It is possible to train the mind to react in an upbeat way to things.  Nurturing this skill early in life can help your children to become emotionally resilient, and more able to cope with the challenges that life may place in their path.  By reinforcing simple actions every day, it is possible to give your kids the attitude of gratitude, and help them to see the world in a new way.

It’s a Wonderful World

Your children’s lives are full of wonder and fun.  Take time to step back with your child and recognise the amazing things they are experiencing.  A beautiful bubble floating up into the sky, the simple pleasure of chasing a balloon, the magic of Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy – all these delights are things to be grateful for.  A basic recognition of that is all it takes to generate that warm, fluffy, thankful feeling in you, and in your child.

Lead by Example

Make sure that you show how much you appreciate your child by expressing your thanks to them when they do something for another person that is kind or good.  Even something as simple as picking up a pen that someone dropped, or offering a hug to a younger sibling who has taken a tumble offers an opportunity to show them what gratitude is all about.

Be respectful and express thanks to your partner too, in the kids’ earshot.  In this way they learn that gratitude is not just for kids, and not just for strangers.  By outwardly expressing appreciation for someone, or something, you are teaching your kids the importance of this skill.

Zone-in on Happiness

With so much negativity on the news and in the papers it is easy to focus on the bad stuff.  Take time yourself to notice happy sounds, like a child laughing, or a baby giggling.  Children playing the park and having fun are wonderfully therapeutic to observe, as is a dog rolling happily in the grass.attitude of gratitude  Notice these things yourself, and draw your children’s attention to them too.  They will start to become naturally drawn to happiness.As you child grows, take the time at appropriate junctures to explain to them how some people in the world are less fortunate.  The food, water and shelter we take for granted are not available to everyone, but your kids will assume they are unless you tell them otherwise.  Similarly, the security, freedom and liberty that we enjoy in the western world are not always mirrored abroad.  Help your kids to learn how to value the rights they have.

Embrace the Outdoor Gifts

The outdoor world is a treasure trove of beauty that most of us never afford a second glance on a daily basis.  We get so wrapped up in the mundanities of life that the wonders outside get lost.  Take the time with your child to rediscover the beauty of the outdoors, and marvel at how our amazing planet is so perfectly placed in the universe to support life in the way that it does.

Craft projects are a great way to help your child appreciate the outdoors, and the changing seasons offer a wealth of materials to work with, from crunchy autumn leaves, to pretty spring flowers.

Take a turn for the Better

When life feels a little low, use it as an opportunity to show your child how to turn things around to the positive.  A rainy day may mean a cancelled trip to the park, but also highlights the warm, cosy home that you have.  Alternatively, brave the elements and go out for a joyous puddle splash, something almost all kids relish!

However you choose to express gratitude, the positive emotional and physical benefits it brings are numerous.  From stimulating the release of feel-good hormones, to bringing a smile to someone’s face, helping your child learn to approach life in a positive way will be sure to benefit them as they grow.




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