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Gotta have faith

Gotta have faith

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Faith is one of those classic abstract nouns, something that is impossible to see, touch, smell or taste. Rather than being something concrete and tangible, it’s a personal choice to view life in a certain way and live accordingly to that perspective.

Life is Worthwhile

Many of us resist the idea of simply believing that life is inherently worthwhile, instead wanting certainty and proof. These attitudes come from the rational mind, the place of logic, where things have to add up and make sense. In reality especially as people age, it becomes clear that life really doesn’t work like that.

Your Choice

People and situations are often confusing, making no sense. There is ultimately nothing anyone can do to protect themselves from difficult and challenging events happening to them, and their loved ones; so in the end, it boils down to whether you want to live a life that has purpose and meaning, or not.

Believing is seeing

Gotta have faithRather than the mantra, ‘seeing is believing’ which calls for evidence to present itself first before you, try turning it around to ‘believing is seeing’. This way round is a much more humble and surrendered way of being, releasing you from the exhausting and impossible task of steering life, instead, placing you right in the river of life, trusting in its flow.

For some, this seems too passive. In reality it takes an active commitment to allow life to live through you in the way that it wants to, rather than controlling how you think you want to live. It takes commitment to get on and say ‘yes’ again and again to life when it knocks at your door.

You Change Your Future

Holding an attitude of faith involves living from a belief that you were born for a reason, you can make a positive difference in the world. In the words of Ghandi, be the change that you want to see in the world, rather than sitting back waiting for others to change the world in the way you want to. Take a leap and bring forward your contribution, be it practising mindfulness, volunteering for a food bank or designing a new creative venture.

There is no particular pathway and certainly no right or wrong about what you do with your life. The main clues on the way are whether your style of living really feels a true expression of who you are, and makes you feel alive and connected to something bigger than an individual existence.




About Jenny Smith

About Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith is a freelance writer and facilitator specialising in mental health, well-being and ecotherapy. She writes for National Mind and The Working Parent and facilitates training in the Work that Reconnects and Ecotherapy. She is inspired by nature, gardening, love and non-duality teachings

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