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How children deal with difficult situations in life

How children deal with difficult situations in life

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All parents want to protect their children, at some point your child will end up facing a difficult situation. However, how your child deals with that situation can be a great life lesson. Providing life skills needed throughout the teenage years and beyond.

As much as we might like to be, we can’t be there to hold our children’s hands all the time. In order to develop into fully functioning adults, kids need to be given the freedom to face up to difficulties and challenges they encounter. While we can’t always fight out children’s battles for them, there are some things we can teach them to make sure they’re prepared and able to deal with the real world when the time comes.

Dealing with emotions

Helping your child recognise and control emotions from a young age will help them deal with difficulties. Once they realise that they can, to a certain extent, control and choose how to react to emotions, they’ll be better equipped to consider different ways of handling situations.

Accept changes

Whether it’s the transition from primary to secondary school, moving house, a new sibling or parents divorcing, change is inevitable in life. Encourage your children to embrace change, seeing the positives that might come from it. Let them know that it’s natural to resist some change, they will be able to adapt and be happy with how things settle.

Avoid blame

Kids need to understand that sometimes things just happen for no reason. Not every event can be blamed on one thing, or person. It’s especially important that children don’t blame themselves for things that might happen. Everybody makes mistakes and the important thing is to learn from them and move on. Teach your child that holding a grudge against someone else, or herself, will have a negative impact. It’s a waste of emotional energy, this will only result in taking longer to process and get over events.

Safe haven

How children deal with difficult situations in lifeEveryone needs a place where they feel safe and secure. Make sure that your child has her own space. Make your home feel like a bubble, somewhere secure when she’s had a difficult day at school. Offer support when it’s needed, maintain an open loving relationship with your child, allowing her to feel comfortable talking to you about anything and everything.


Sometimes, all kids need is reassurance from someone they trust, to ensure everything is going to be okay. If your child is upset over something in the news, take the time to explain what has happened (in an age-appropriate way). Don’t forget to point out the event has made it onto the news because it doesn’t happen everywhere all the time. Reassure her that, although the event might be sad or traumatic for the people involved, she doesn’t have anything to be scared of.

Growing up presents its fair share of difficult situations, from falling out with friends to bullying or peer pressure. By making sure your child is well equipped, you’ll be teaching her the skills she needs to get through them.



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