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How mentally strong are you

How mentally strong are you

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It can be very hard to be objective about ourselves, and in particular our strengths. It is common for people to judge themselves harshly and create a negative and limited perspective of how they are. Sometimes it can be helpful to have some guidance on what defines being strong or resilient so here are a few indicators that suggest a healthily strong mental outlook.

How Do You Respond In A crisis?

Firstly the way that you respond in a crisis is quite telling of the state of mind below the surface. If you are able to remain clear, calm and can communicate what is needed to those around you, you are showing good signs of being mentally strong.

Your ability to respond to stress will obviously vary depending on what else is going on in your life, if your overall tendency is to face things rather than run, you can assume that you have a fair dollop of mental toughness.

Understanding Others

Relating to others is another area that is very revealing of deeper emotional and mental waters. If you avoid shouting and you are able to express your opinions, especially when they differ from those around you, this demonstrates inner stability. If you are receptive to help, support and feedback in a way that is empowering rather than co-dependent, it show’s a level of emotional and mental maturity that can be rare.

Strong Characteristics

Levels of self-care also demonstrate internal levels of wellbeing. Deciding to look after yourself and sticking to your decision, even when it feels tough show’s determination and persistence, both of which are strong characteristics of people who are internally resilient.

Don’t Blame Others

How mentally strong are youTaking responsibility for the situations that you find yourself in, rather than blaming others, is a strong indicator of someone whose perspective is wise and empowering. Even in those situations where you have been let down or hurt, ultimately you have responsibility for how you process the experiences, ensuing feelings about it. If you continue to blame others for how you feel, you are literally draining away your power.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Stretching yourself, moving outside of your comfort zone are also ways in which you can show that you are willing to grow and meet the challenges. Staying safe may feel comfortable but it doesn’t promote growth. Be willing to make mistakes, we are all human after all! Learning to understand mistakes indicates that you are strong enough to withstand some of those awkward feelings when you get it wrong.

Stay Focussed

Being focussed, using your time wisely and avoiding procrastination are all skills that are worth developing, if you don’t already have them. Putting things into place such as exercise, mediation and plans for your working week all support you to use the time that you have, in the most efficient ways that you can.

And finally, a simple concept, but one that is profoundly life changing is the practice of learning to observe your thinking. You can make an empowered choice as to whether those thoughts are true or not, rather than blindly identifying with repetitive and critical mental patterns that have been circulating through your mind for decades. Thoughts such as these have absolutely no relevance or truth for your life today.





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About Jenny Smith

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