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How to fulfil your dreams

How to fulfil your dreams

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We all have dreams. Every single one of us. There are things we’d love to do, to have, to know and to experience. Yet achieving our dreams can seem impossible in the day-to-day rhythm of life, with all its obligations and responsibilities. But there’s the thing, the first step to realising our dreams is believing they are possible. If we give up at that very first hurdle our dreams will forever remain out of reach. Dare to believe – in your dream and in yourself. And adopt the following approach to life. Before you know it, you could be well on the road to achieving your dreams. And you’ll wonder why you didn’t take that first step years ago.

Release your Mind

Dreams, by definition, are all about fantasy, aspiration and ambition. Within the safe confines of our minds we can be whomever we want and are capable of anything. The only limit is our imagination. Now, I’m not, for one second suggesting that just anyone can be a top athlete, a pop star or prima ballerina – these types of dreams are best left unspoilt in our minds. But if you love sport, music or dancing then embrace your own limits and be prepared to have a go. You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it.

Be Realistic

I’m a writer. I write web articles, stories and business texts. I have novels half written and reams of work-in-progress. I may never achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a bestselling author, but for now I’m scraping a living doing something I love – compared to where I was even 5 years ago I have already achieved my dream. Now, I set my sights on the next step.

Breaking your big dream down into mini-dream steps can help enormously. Be realistic about where you are today and where you’d like to be. Then view the route to success as a journey of stages. Each step along your path moves you towards your dream; each move you make is a dream fulfilment in itself. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Allow your Dreams to Change

It’s easy to become fixated on your dream that it consumes you. In reality, as you move towards your dream you may discover that it isn’t actually all you imagined. Be prepared to let you dream flow and change as your learn more about yourself. I’ve known people who spent years studying to fulfil their dream of becoming a lawyer, or a doctor, only to realise partway through (and in one case shortly after qualifying) that they really didn’t like this job at all. Eeek! Dreams are meant to feel exciting, stimulating, and satisfying. If yours becomes a burden it’s time for a rethink.

How to fulfil your dreams

Don’t just think – Do!

Dreamers often find identifying their dream the easy part. Doing something about it is another matter altogether. And that’s okay if the dreaming part is enough. For some people, simply holding a dream is sufficient fulfilment. Others may fear that it won’t live up to expectations and so remain immobilised, unable to act. Fact is if you want to test your dream out, the only way to do that is to actively work towards it. Put your thoughts into action, derive a plan, and get started.

Banish negative self-talk

Part of dream-fulfilment is rooted in self-belief and a deep-seated desire to achieve your dream goals. Humans seem hard-wired to trip themselves up in this respect, via negative self-talk – the little devil on your shoulder that says ‘No, You Can’t Do This Because …’. Money, time, circumstances can all feel like monumental obstacles to reaching your dream. But there is always a way. If you look hard enough, if you want something badly enough, then you will take those obstacles and break them down piece by piece. Believing this is possible is the crucial first step.

Never give up

No one ever said fulfilling your dreams would be easy. For a fortunate few that may be true, but for most of us reaching our dreams is a journey that is worthy of a novel in its own right – the highs, the lows, the challenges, the failures – they are all part of reaching for your dreams. And the success when you get there will taste all the sweeter for it. If your dreams mean a lot to you then start on achieving them today. And never, ever, give up.



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