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How To Plan A Great Baby Shower


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Baby Showers have exploded in the UK over the past 2 years. A few years ago they just didn’t take place but now, it’s a must when you’re pregnant. I had one myself and think they’re fantastic occasions.

Baby showers have been a prominent social event in the US for the last 20 years or so. But in the UK we always have our own way to do things and most of the information out there isn’t UK focused.

Baby Showers really are fantastic event. It’s a chance to really celebrate the mummy to be’s pregnancy, her life up to this point and her new life within motherhood, not forgetting the imminent arrival of a baby. It’s such a happy occasion.

When planning a baby shower there are a few essentials you need to decide on.

  • Time
  • Date
  • Place
  • Theme
  • Games

Once you the above covered you’re good to go.

Baby Shower Time

Timing is pretty important, you want to ensure all your favourite people can attend the baby shower. I’ve found from 1pm or 2pm is the best time. That way if decorations need to be set up and food delivered there’s plenty of time, plus for anyone travelling they don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to travel.

Baby Shower Length of Time

Anywhere between 3 and 4 hours ideally. This may sound quite a while but you will be surprised how fast time flies. With games, presents plus eating, you want to make sure there’s time for the mummy to be to speak to everyone too.

Baby Shower Date

Baby showers usually take place around month before the baby is due (no closer). This is so everyone can see the mummy to be’s beautiful bump. At this point mummy to be is in a pretty good place with pregnancy, usually around 6-8 months mummy’s to be are. This is because their bodies have gotten used to being pregnant. Plus, It’s not too close to the due date, towards the end of pregnancy it can get uncomfortable because the babys head starts to engage and mummy to be can become more tired due to the baby’s weight. On top of that baby’s can actually come along anywhere from 37 weeks (just over 8 months) so something to bear in mind.

Saturday is of course the best day to arrange your baby shower but Sundays are a good second choice. It depends on if your having a small even of lager one. Sundays could be a good day to organise a smaller event.

Place of Baby Shower

You can have a baby shower indoors or outdoors. Outdoor events are lovely, but when you live in the UK even summertime outdoor events can be ruined by rain.

Here are a few ideas where to hold your baby shower:

Village Hall

Village halls are fantastic space for baby showers, they’re large spaces plus cheap to rent. Prices vary per hour depending on where you are in the county, London is typically £15 per hour plus, midlands and up north is from £8 per hour. If you’re having a lot of people and kids attending the baby shower, I would suggest a village hall. There’s lots of space for everyone plus you can put games and a bouncy castle up for any kids attending.

There is usually a kitchen on site too, but I recommend just getting in some sandwiches from a catering company. It’s cheaper than you think and a lot less fuss.

You will also need access to the hall an hour or so in advance to decorate too.

Tea Party

 This is the easiest and prettiest to arrange since you just turn up and everything has been set up by the restaurant or cafe. The only downside is that the guests will more than likely have to pay for their own food, otherwise the cost will quickly mount up. But you will find guests are happy to do this, I would recommend keeping it under £25, since guests will be bring a present along for the baby too.

Tea party baby showers are the biggest trend at the moment. There’s nothing cuter than bunting, tea, cake and baby themed stuff everywhere.

At Home

Depending on the size of your home, homes are lovely places to host a baby shower. Comfortable, convenient and cost effective spring to mind. You’ll have the time and freedom to decorate how you like and as much as you like. Home’s make for lovely and intimate baby shower settings. Keep in mind how many guests you’ll have attending since things can quickly become cramped. Because baby shower games are pretty interactive you do need a certain amount of space.

Baby Shower Themes

This is so fun to arrange and you have more options than you think here.

Blue or Pink themes

If you know the sex and have already revealed it to everyone then you can have a blue or pink themed baby shower. Seeing everything in shades of baby pink and baby blue is adorable and mummy to be should be dressed in the appropriate colour, to make everything super cute.

 Neutral Themes

If the baby’s sex is going to be a surprise then you have to go neutral. But this can be fun too. When I had mine, I went for an all white theme. It kept things easy to decorate and looked so amazing. I was also dressed in all white. This is the easiest way to look sleek.

You could go for a animal them of other colours such as gold or pink and blue together. It’s a open book here.

Baby Gender Reveals

This is such a fun theme. Usually the decor will be neutral but you’ll have something to reveal the baby’s gender. Cakes and pinatas are a popular choice. Often the cake will be neutral, until you cut into it and out pours a load of pink or blue smarties. This adds so much excitement to the baby shower, it’s a great time to reveal the gender.

Baby Shower Games

The list is endless here but I’ll give you a few ideas of the best baby shower games around.

  • Guess the bump – requires a piece of string or tape
  • Unscramble baby items – ie. unscramble ‘otc’ (answer is cot)
  • Unscramble baby animals – ie. unscramble ‘tentik’ (answer is kitten)
  • Baby bib decorating contest – everyone decorates baby bids anonymously, then mummy to be chooses the winner. This also makes a lovely and practical keepsake item.
  • Baby vest decorating contest – everyone decorates baby vests anonymously, then mummy to be chooses the winner.
  • Guess the celebrity baby – Have a selection of celebrity baby photos and get everyone to guess who’s who.
  • Guess who the baby is – ask all guests to bring a baby photo along and then mummy to be or guests have to guess who’s who.
  • Guess the baby weight, birthday and looks – This is a lovely one and will be great to see who got the closest to guessing what the baby is like.
  • Guess the baby’s gender
  • Write potential baby names – If a baby name hasn’t been decided on, the ask everyone to suggest a name. You may find a gem amongst the madness.
  • Advice for mummy to be cards – These are lovely, feel good items. I still have all mine
  • Wishes for baby cards – Everyone makes their wish for baby, from happiness to being intelligent.
  • Baby Bingo – Call out random letters or number and everyone ticks them off their bingo cards.
  • Guess the Baby food – send anonymous jars of baby food round, everyone must taste and then guess the flavour.
  • Guess what’s in the nappy – melt different food items into nappies such as peanut butter and chocolate and your guests have to guess what’s in each nappy.

I hope this article has covered everything you need know on how to plan a great baby shower. All you have to do now is plan and enjoy.




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