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How to stay happy during winter

stay happy in winter

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As we say goodbye to autumn and unpack our winter woollies and thermals, it’s easy to let your mood drop and slip into the winter blues. The dark mornings, dark nights and cold weather can dampen the spirits of even the happiest of folk, but winter comes round every year and it’s important to look on the bright side of those dark days and make sure we know how to stay happy during winter!

Keep Cosy

Firstly, keep warm. Being cold and damp can make anyone miserable so make sure if you’re out and about you wrap up;  hats, scarfs, gloves and warm waterproof coats are a must and when you’re indoors make the most of that open fire, radiator, hot water bottle, blankets or even snuggle up to your cats and dogs!

See winter as a positive

If you’re moaning about the rain or the cold weather, spare a thought for those who are literally praying for a bit of rain in hot countries, so they can grow food to feed their family. It might mean frizzy hair and a cumbersome brolly for you,  but for some,  it’s life or death. Being grateful for what we have and seeing what others haven’t got, can help us put things like the weather into perspective.  Alternatively, if you’re an artist or photographer, look for inspiration in the wintery scenes – think snow covered hills or rain drops on spider webs.

Don’t focus on the weather

Instead of looking out the window declaring how miserable it is, take the time to do something else like get a board game out with all the family, read that book that’s been sat on your shelf for years, cook up a big stew, try knitting or get out and about to enjoy activities indoors. Visit local galleries or museums or go to the cinema. With so many offers or deals on the go, get online and look for money off activities and book them so you have things to look forward to every week!

Stay active

Even if it’s freezing cold or you think you can handle a bit of rain, get wrapped up, warm and waterproof and get out and about. A brisk walk, jog or bike ride will get the blood pumping, raise your body temperature and get the happy chemicals your brain produces, pumping round the body.stay happy in winter

If you have a dog then make sure you still walk it every day, it will do you both the world of good! If it’s not possible to get outside, then try a workout DVD or use that treadmill that’s had more use as a clothes hanger than for running on. Get to the gym or try out indoor rock climbing, badminton or tennis. Even an energetic hour of hovering and polishing will soon get the endorphins flowing!

Stay bright

With the lack of natural sunlight and short days, many of us will develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Combat this by getting out during the day or buying special light boxes that mimic natural daylight. Alternatively, brighten your home by having light or white walls or using bright and vibrant accent colours to add a splash of sunshine.

Enjoy winter sports

If you’ve always wanted to but never tried skiing or snowboarding and if budget permits, then why not get into the winter spirit and give winter sports a try? Even if you never get the hang of it, then there is always the mulled wine, spa tretments or hot tubs to enjoy. If you’re more budget conscious, then when the snow descends get out and make snowmen, igloo’s, go sledging or try out ice-skating in your local ice rink. There’s also a couple of great indoor ski venues in the UK, so you can have a little of the Austrian Alps even if it is just for a few hours!

Eat well

That doesn’t mean comfort eat all the Christmas chocolate you have saved up, rather keep your body healthy  and eat the right foods in order to combat low mood. During the winter months it might be tempting to indulge in lots of sugary snacks or crave the carbs, but certain foods rich in vitamins can keep you feeling bright. Get plenty of vitamin B and Omega 3 to boost your mood and avoid starchy, high saturated fat or lots of processed foods that can often make you feel more sluggish and cause you to put on weight. The last thing you want is to get down about your weight as well as the weather!

Plan ahead

Use the winter months to plan for the spring and summer. Get a pile of holiday brochures and make lists of possible holiday destinations ranging from cheap and cheerful to bank-busting lottery winning destinations. Think about your garden and new plants that you grow in the summer, or if you have been putting off re-decorating, use the winter to stay inside and get the paint brushes out.

We often forget that the winter weather can help make families spend more quality time together, so instead of letting the weather get us down, let’s embrace our typical British weather – after all, we wouldn’t appreciate the summer if we didn’t have to endure the winter!




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