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How to stay motivated when you’re on a diet

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We all know that we should workout or exercise more, but something makes us reluctant to. The little voices in your head scream for you to eat that big bag of sweets while you know you shouldn’t, but you give in and regret it later. This happens over and over but now is the time to break that all too familiar routine and stay motivated on your diet!

Psyche up – tell yourself you’re a boxer or a speedy cheetah, yes I know it sounds totally ridiculous but it does work. Picture your end goal and tell yourself you will achieve it, instead of negative thoughts and laziness.

Fit bank – every time you do a workout or resist that totally bad boy brownie, pop £1 into a jar. After a while of workouts and avoiding junk food you will have no doubt amounted quite a sum. You can then treat yourself to some new killer heels or a handbag and tell yourself your motivation bought you them.

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Picture perfect – Take a photograph of yourself at your biggest and pop it in the kitchen cupboard or on the fridge. Every time you get those totally annoying cravings and head for the biscuit barrel you will see your photo staring at you making you feel guilty.

Record it – create a chart and write down your weekly plan in advance, stick it to your fridge and tick your goals off as you achieve them

Post it – make little notes for yourself and place them in the biscuit tin and fridge saying “Don’t eat that!”, seeing a visual will hopefully put you off.

Following these fool-proof steps could kick the “I can’t be bothered habit”. Maybe tomorrow the diet will begin..




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