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In-Law Weekend Survival Guide

In-Law Weekend Survival Guide

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Whether you love them or loathe them, spending more than a few hours at a time with your in-laws can be something you’d rather not put yourself through. But what if they’re coming to stay for the whole weekend? How will you cope? We’ve put together some tips on being the perfect host and maintaining your sanity until you have your home to yourself again.

Don’t stress

Remember, your in-laws have come to visit their family not to examine how you’re living. Of course, you’ll want to have your house clean and tidy for them coming but don’t stress yourself out over the preparations. If your in-laws are the type to make snide comments about you and your home then they’ll find something to pick on, no matter how much time and effort you’ve put in to cleaning before their arrival.

A few of their favourite things

Any fan of The Sound of Music will know that pretty much anything can be made easier with the addition of some favourite things. Okay, so you probably won’t go down the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens route, but having a few of your in-laws’ favourite food and drinks in will help keep everyone happy and show that you’re at least willing to make the effort. Don’t forget to treat yourself too – after all you deserve a glass of your favourite tipple for enduring them all weekend!

Make plans

You don’t have to go mad taking them to see everything your town has to offer but being stuck in the house together all day is just asking for everyone to get on each other’s nerves. Include your in-laws in activities you’d do anyway such as taking the kids to swimming lessons or catching a movie. You never know, you might luck out and they’ll offer to take the kids on their own giving you some peace and quiet for a couple of hours. Otherwise, at least you’ll have something to talk about.

Ask questions

In-Law Weekend Survival GuideIf you find your in-laws are prying too much into your lives then turn the questions around on them. Ask about their lives and their past or your partner when they were a child. You may be surprised at how much time that buys, as older people often love reminiscing about the good old days. However, if you really don’t fancy listening to them all evening then consider getting out a board game like Trivial Pursuit to pass an hour or two once the kids are asleep.


Some people find having visitors in their home makes them anxious and unable to properly relax. But it all depends on how you view it. Make the most of having some help with the kids and letting your other half catch up with their folks. Treat the weekend as a break from routine; have a couple of drinks in the evening and order takeaway if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking. You never know, you may find you come to enjoy it and if not, well they’ll be gone by Monday and you won’t have to see them again for a while.



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