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Increasing low self esteem

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Raising Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem can be affected by a multitude of factors, be it Emotional, Physical or Environmental, often it’s the case that low self esteem can lead to further psychological difficulties and anxiety disorders. Increasing  low self esteem may seem like a milestone at the time, people usually attribute their feelings to problems at work, pressure from peer groups or some form of emotional or physical abuse, such as rape or racial intimidation. Whatever the cause it can be hard to find a way to lift your spirits and prevent these feelings snowballing into something more serious.

Ways of boosting your self esteem

There are ways we can boost our self esteem and hopefully make you feel a little better about yourself;

1. Try to remember what it is you’re good at, write it down, maybe get a friend to help you. List everything you’ve achieved and keep it somewhere safe that you can find it to look at when you’re feeling down.

2. Keep up with your personal hygiene, keep yourself trimmed and clean, get a nice hair cut and keep yourself looking good. Being proud of what we see in the mirror is often half the battle.

3. Take up some form of regular exercise, whether that is a Martial Arts class or just going for a really long walk. We all know the benefits of exercise on the brain and how tough exercise can release the good-feeling hormones into your brain.

4. Make sure you eat ‘clean’ and healthy food. By clean I mean food that has had as little human contact as possible, for example getting tender beef straight from the farm is about as healthy as it gets. Eating good quality food can help you feel great and the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables goes without saying.

5. Get yourself into some decent clothes. If you spend all day lounging in dirty jogging bottoms and ripped t-shirts then you’re unlikely to feel good about yourself. Treat yourself to a nice pair of jeans, a dress or whatever makes you feel and look nice.

self esteem

Some of these things may seem a little superficial, but in reality there is a direct link between how we feel physically and how we react emotionally to ourselves. Eating right, looking after ourselves and dressing good will increase positive outlook on your own self worth.

If of course you do find that one of these things help you, or maybe you are struggling to find the motivation to get up and do any of them the perhaps it’s time to take more drastic measures and go see someone for help. Counsellors are experts at giving you techniques to raise your self esteem and can help you find the best qualities in you, sometimes without the need for groups or referral for medical help. There are plenty of volunteer organisations who help people with low self esteem find a bit more purpose in their lives and can suggest lots of actions you can take. For many people the feeling of worthlessness will pass with time and when something comes along they can focus on.



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