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Indoor games

indoor games

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Games to Play indoors

For many parents, couple  rainy days with children and the result is a recipe for disaster, but with the help of every day household objects, stickers, paper and a little imagination, indoor games can provide a lot of fun.


This game is perfect for pre-schoolers and only requires coloured paper, star stickers and a white marker pen. Each child takes a piece of paper and places the star stickers on it in a random order. They then swap papers and draw lines from star to star to form a shape, animal or person. When all the children have finished their constellation pictures, they can then make up a story about it to tell the group.

Marble Fun

For an excellent game which can be enjoyed by the whole family, you will need cardboard tubes (kitchen roll tubes are ideal), scissors and a marble.indoor games Simply cut the tubes in half and present each member of the family with one each. Then, stand side by side, approximately 2 feet from each other. The aim is to pass the marble from tube to tube without touching the marble or dropping it. The first person in the line begins the game and when the marble reaches the final person, this person moves to the beginning of the line and continues to pass the marble along. Should a player drop the marble at any time, they are out of the game and the marble goes back to the person at the front of the line for the game to continue.

Playing in the Shadows

This is a brilliant game for younger children that requires only a lamp, a bare wall and a little imagination! Dim the lights and use a lamp to cause shadows against a wall. Challenge your child to make as many animals and shapes with their shadow. A further fun game is asking your child to make their shadow shake hands with a friend without touching hands with that friend in reality. Another idea is to ask your child to try to form each letter of the alphabet with their shadow.

Foot Volleyball

Don’t panic! There is no need to rush around hiding household breakables, because instead of a ball, children will be using a balloon. As well as a large balloon, you will need a few meters of string or yarn. Attach the string at a height of one foot across the room to form the volleyball net. Split the children into two teams and instruct them to face upwards whilst they rest their hands and feet on the floor in a reverse crab position. Flip a coin to decide which team will begin and a player from that team will flick the balloon to another player on their team to kick over the net. Each time a team misses the balloon and it hits the floor on their side of the string, the opposing team is awarded a point. The team awarded the point will then serve the balloon to continue the game. The first team to reach fifteen points will be declared the winners.







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