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Involving older children with the new baby


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Having your children close together in age has its advantages, but the arrival of a new baby undeniably brings about a lot of changes to the whole house. Suddenly not being the centre of attention can be hard for children of any age, but when the older sibling is still just a toddler themselves, the changes can be even more confusing.

While it’s not uncommon for toddlers to start acting out or behaving differently, there are things you can do to help prepare your older children for the new addition. This includes engaging them in activities that help make it easier for involving older children with the new baby.

Mommy’s Little Helper

A tried and tested method for making many tasks easier, employing your toddler as your special helper is a great way to get them to play along with what you want them to be doing. It plays down their desire to still be the baby by giving them the more important role of big brother or sister. Let them help you with the baby by bringing you a nappy at changing time, passing you the bottle, helping to push the pram etc.

Story Timeolder children and babies

Reading is a great activity you can do that enables you to give equal attention to all children to help squash any feelings of sibling rivalry that may be brewing. Get your toddler to sit next to the baby and read to them in turn – a page or paragraph each. You could get the older child to choose which page should be for them and which should be for the baby.

Music Time

Music is a great way of getting the new siblings to bond. Teach your toddler simple songs which they can then sing to the baby; they could hum along with you if they haven’t yet fully mastered the art of communication. Or just let them sing and dance around for the baby if that’s what they prefer – whatever makes them feel involved.

Lots of praise

Toddlers love to be congratulated on their achievements and are particularly partial to a big round of applause, so get into the habit of giving your toddler a big clap any time they do something for the baby. You could add to the joy by helping the baby to clap as well – this should help your older sibling start to see the baby as a person who can actually interact in activities as well. You could also find fun songs for them both to clap along to.







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