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Keeping your relationship happy

Keeping your relationship happy

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From getting along with colleagues to showing your partner love and affection, healthy relationships are important for our emotional wellbeing. No matter how much you enjoy someone’s company, all relationships – even happy ones – need at least a little effort and work put into them to keep them fighting fit.


Communication is key to enjoying a happy relationship. Telling people what you like about them, when they’ve done something lovely or celebrating their achievements shows that you appreciate them. At the same time, discussing more negative issues stops them from cropping up again, allows people to become closer and deepens trust.


Honesty goes hand in hand with communication. There’s no point in communicating with each other if what you’re saying isn’t the truth. Obviously you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but to build trust between you it’s important that you remain truthful, even if you have to sugar coat it just a little.


Keeping your relationship happyOf course we should all treat everyone with the level of respect we’d like to receive ourselves. Partners and friends are generally pretty easy to respect as you choose to spend time with them but when it comes to colleagues and certain family members, it may be a little trickier. However, treating people with respect doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t actually hold them in very high esteem. Simple things like turning up on time, following through on things you say you’ll do, not cancelling plans at the last minute, saying please and thank you and not bad-mouthing people behind their backs are all that is needed.

Spend your time together wisely

The knack to spending time together is going for quality over quantity. You may see your partner or best friend most days but if that time is spent slouching in front of the telly while checking Facebook instead of engaging with each other then it doesn’t really count. Make a point of setting aside some time to eat dinner together, have a drink in the pub or even just go for a walk. Catch up, find out what’s going on in each other’s lives and enjoy each other’s company. By spending your time together wisely, you’ll both come to appreciate it more.

Don’t waste time

Through work, friends, hobbies and family we tend to meet loads of people who have the potential to become new friends or partners. However, not all of these folk will be well matched with you. Others will be perfect friendship material for a certain period of time but you may start to grow apart as you age and move onto different milestones in life. There is no shame in growing apart so don’t be afraid to cut relationships if you don’t see them blossoming. The majority of relationships don’t last forever and the more time you spend trying to nurture a dying one, the less time you’ll have to spend with the people who really make you happy.








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