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Let go and trust in life a little more


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Are you are worrier? Or a control freak? Do you live under the illusion that the control of your life is in your hands? How would it be to step aside and let life do its thing?

Being human is an uncertain business, the only surety is that we will all die, but the details of how and when that will happen are unavailable to the majority of us. Yet despite this reality, most of us live our lives as if we are in control of the events and in the doing so, rack up unhealthy stress levels and spend most of our time worrying about the past or fretting about the future.

We aren’t in control!

The truer picture is that we control very little, except maybe how we approach life and the choices that we make in response to life’s events. Given this reality, are there things that we can do that can help us to kick back and take things as they come a little more?

What is the worst that can happen?

One of the greatest questions for those who worry is ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ When we check in with ourselves using this technique, we usually find that our worries easily outweigh the possible consequences of our actions. More often than not, worries are linked to what others will think of us or a pattern of mental catastrophising! Just by naming them each step of the way is often enough to dilute our concerns to the point where they no longer grip us.

Be here, now

let go of stressBeing in the now is possibly the best medicine of the 21st century.  Although the advice comes from mediation teachings that were developed thousands of years ago, the sentiment is perfect for the crazyness and stress that is prevalent in many of our everyday lives. The act of trying to control our worrying is usually taking place in the future of our minds and if we can catch ourselves doing this and gently bring our attention back to the here and now, our brain will send messages to our nervous systems to settle down and stop flooding our body with fight or flight hormones!

For really stubborn minds, use the breath or sensations in the body, as ways of anchoring attention into the present, as these always take place in the now!

Just say yes!

Play with life and engage in an experiment of trust. Try saying yes to everything for an afternoon, a day or a week and see where it takes you. Rather than you being in the driving seat, just see where life wants to take you; expect the unexpected and open up to the possibility of miracles taking place! To support this and other ‘let go’ approaches, see if you can change the way that you speak and think, so that you are consciously welcoming life’s potential and invitations, rather than always trying to stem the flow.

Become friends with the statement ‘I don’t know’ and if you can, lose your habit of making snap judgments about why things are the way they are, instead opening up and seeing things differently, welcoming in a bigger perspective on the meaning of life!












About Jenny Smith

About Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith is a freelance writer and facilitator specialising in mental health, well-being and ecotherapy. She writes for National Mind and The Working Parent and facilitates training in the Work that Reconnects and Ecotherapy. She is inspired by nature, gardening, love and non-duality teachings

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