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Letting your toddlers find their feet

Letting your toddlers find their feet

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It is such a delight to watch our babies turn into inquisitive toddlers, wanting to touch everything and thoroughly explore their environment. We get a sense they’re becoming little people with their own characters and personalities and it’s natural as parents or carers to want to do everything we can to help them develop fully.


It can be a really wise not to over stimulate our tots. We live in an extremely fast world, which is increasingly speeding up all the time with technological developments and a huge access to global information, and because of this backdrop we can feel the pressure to make sure that our kids are bright and know everything that we think they need to.

As the child’s intellect starts to develop and they start to make connections between object, and link cause and effect together, they inevitably start to ask more questions. There is a common tendency for parents at this stage to over egg the custard so to speak and jump ahead of what their children are asking in their enthusiasm to fill in any gaps!

Intuition and imagination

Letting your toddlers find their feetThe difficult with this is that we risk over filling our child’s mind with information, overly strengthening their intellectual side whilst forgetting about all the other ways of learning like intuition, sensing and imagining. It is such an easy trap to fall into as our world is very bias toward the intellect. This is shown in education where testing memory and knowledge is much more common than intuitive games and exercises. However there are many children whose natural way is move through life using their senses, their feelings and their intuition, all of which get squashed down if they are overly intellectually stimulated.

Let them lead

A great rule of thumb is to only answer the questions your child asks, let them lead the conversations with their questions, this way they get to set the level and pace of the discussion. Whilst it’s very tempting to dangle further bits of info in front of them, see if you can be clear whose benefit it is actually for! Often we find that it’s our enthusiasm that is running away from us and setting an agenda that is not really in line with where our children are at.

For children to stay relaxed and stress free, they all need to be able to be content with doing nothing, just lying on a bed watching the clouds, letting their imaginations take them whether they want to go. If we fill our kid’s heads with too much knowledge too soon we run such a risk of stripping these other lovely elements of their nature away from them.



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About Jenny Smith

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