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Lighten up in love

Lighten up in love

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With so much focus on whether your relationship is right for you, it can be easy to start stressing about even the small stuff that goes on between you and your other half.

Taking it all too seriously seems to be a twenty first century problem now. It can be a good dose of medicine to remind us all to lighten up every now and then.

Criticism And Appreciation

Whilst it can be supportive and helpful to address difficulties in a dynamic, it is also super useful to focus on what is good about your shared connection. Set yourself an intention, that for every criticism you come up with, you match it with two things that you appreciate about your partner. People thrive best when they feel appreciated for who they are, not when they are getting constant messages about how they can improve.

Making time for each other

Lighten up in loveIntroduce monthly (or more regular if you have the time) dates, where you take it in turns to do something completely different to your usual activities. Agree that you will partake in whatever the other chooses, be it going to a Darts convention, a fashion show or a cooking class. None of this has to be taken seriously, the idea is to enjoy yourselves, rather than show that you are the best in the class! It will widen your circles of interest, bringing about new and varied experiences for the both of you.

Live For The Moment

Live in the moment. Most stress and anxiety comes from focussing on what has gone before, or what is to come. Focus on what you are doing in the here and now, put your attention on the experiences that you are having now. Enjoy the increased feelings of relaxation and spaciousness that come about from being right here right now in the moment.





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About Jenny Smith

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