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Maintaining a healthy relationship

maintaining a healthy relationship

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Relationships can sometimes be tough but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw in the towel and split up. One of the tricks to maintaining a healthy relationship is arguing effectively. If one partner always ends up getting their own way then the other can be left feeling like the relationship is unbalanced. Here is the Working Parent’s tips to maintaining a balanced relationship and making sure you’re both left feeling happy in the end.

Listen to each other

In the heat of an argument it’s easy to believe you’re the one in the right and everything your partner says is wrong. However, it’s important to listen to what your partner has to say. Consider their perspective and it might change your outlook, making you more likely to make things up sooner.


We can’t all have our own way all the time and sometimes in relationships compromise is inevitable. While you may not be prepared to completely back down on an issue, it may be possible to find a compromise that you both agree with or that is fair for both partners.


As well as being courteous to the people around you, keeping your relationship issues between yourselves will help you resolve them sooner. That means no bringing things up or making digs in public and waiting until you get home before having an argument.

Pick your battles

Some things in life just aren’t worth arguing over. If you are genuinely upset about something then by all means let your partner know about it, but letting minor irritations go is good for both your stress levels and your relationship.maintaining a healthy relationship

Have a life outside

Nobody should rely on just one person for their happiness and emotional wellbeing. In most healthy relationships, each partner has friends and hobbies that are their own. Let off steam to your friends (without forgetting the privacy part) over a coffee or a glass or wine and allow yourself to get lost in a favourite pastime. Doing this will help you keep your relationship in perspective.

Don’t rely on each other

This leads us onto depending on partners for anything from driving you around to making your meals and cleaning the house. A balanced relationship is one where both partners feel equal and while it’s perfectly natural to fall into certain roles, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Keeping a sense of independence allows you to be yourself in a relationship. Forget the notion of ‘two become one’ and recognise that you’re two individual people who happen to be madly in love with each other.

Have fun together

Take some time out now and again to do something you both love, whether it be watching a band or sports team, going out for a nice meal or catching a film at the cinema. However, it’s also important to have fun together in everyday life. Make each other laugh and smile every day and you’ll probably find that, even when you argue, you both have a positive outlook on your relationship and life in general.




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