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Male infertility

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Infertility is generally considered to be when a couple have failed to conceive after two years of regular unprotected sex.Male Infertility can be caused by a wide ranging variety of things and it’s important to get checked if you have been trying for a baby and failing to conceive. Infertility can occur at any time, even in couples who have conceived previously and it is believed that in around one in ten couples who have trouble conceiving, it is found that both partners are suffering with medical or psychological conditions affecting their fertility.

Infertility symptoms

There are no physical symptoms of infertility unless of course your infertility is caused by an extraneous medical condition in which you will may have experienced symptoms. It is not always possible for doctors to find a reason for your infertility, however,  in most cases it is related directly to the sperm itself, for example not having enough sperm in your semen, your sperm not moving as fast as they should or your sperm being the wrong shape. It is found that around 10 in every one hundred men with fertility issues have no sperm in their semen at all, this is caused by an obstruction in the tubes that carry semen from your testes to the penis and can be a genetic problem which has been inherited and is often very difficult to diagnose or can be caused by trauma or surgery to the area.

Another possible cause may be Hypogonadism, which is a condition where the you do not produce enough of the hormone testosterone, this again can be inherited and is often seen in people with only one testicle. Testosterone, amongst other things, regulates the development of the male genitals and is responsible for causing erections and developing libido. Infertility may be caused by ejaculatory issues such as failing to reach orgasm, taking longer than normal to reach orgasm or the semen being forced backward into the bladder instead of leaving the penis. Although there may be many more, doctors generally relate infertility to external causes such as Smoking, Excessive drinking, being over weight, using anabolic steroids, taking drugs including some medicines, being exposed to certain chemicals or experiencing radiotherapy.

Psychological problems such as stress, severe depression or anxiety may also lead to infertility as they can affect hormone balance and cause physical disruptions relating to blood flow.


Before deciding whether or not to examine you for infertility, a doctor may suggest you have unprotected sex with your partner two or three times a week to give you the greatest chance of conceiving.male infertility Failing that they will discuss your lifestyle and talk about medicines you take or sexually transmitted diseases you may have or have had which could be affecting you. They may then also examine you physically to ensure the structure of the testes and penis are normal and also check that you have no pain in that area to touch. Further down the line they may ask you to give a sperm sample to check sperm count and also check the condition of the sperm, they may also take blood to check hormone levels and give you tips to improve your lifestyle and hopefully increase the chances of conceiving naturally.


Treatment for infertility will depend largely on the suspected cause of it, in most cases a simple change in lifestyle, such as reducing the intake of toxins and eating healthier foods, or trying to tackle psychological problems such as stress. Anxiety about conceiving may well be affecting your fertility, so relaxing and ensuring you are giving both you and your partner the best chance of conceiving by having great sex more often you will see results. In extreme cases where there are physical conditions, such a blockages, you may undergo surgery to correct the problem which will also involve a strict program of recovery.

If changes in lifestyle doesn’t help and you are ineligible for surgical procedures then you can opt for assisted conception which involves doctors removing your sperm and artificially joining it with your partners egg and returning it to her womb. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties conceiving then it is worth while exploring all the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your relationship before heading of to the doctors, if you do decide to go to the doctor then be prepared for a lengthy exploration of your sex life and be willing to make the changes necessary to help yourself.



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