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Managing challenging behaviour in the holidays

Managing challenging behaviour in the holidays

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If you’re dreading the holidays because of your child’s bad behaviour, you wouldn’t be alone. It can be difficult managing challenging behaviour in the holidays, up to six weeks can seem like a lifetime! The good news is there are ways you can manage your child’s mood swings, it’s just a matter of planning ahead.

Below you’ll discover some of the best strategies to control their behaviour and enjoy a more relaxed holiday.

Ensure they get plenty of exercise

One of the main reasons kids play up during the holidays is because they have nothing to do to keep them occupied.

Their school days are structured and they have to follow a set routine. At home however they don’t have this routine, which leaves a lot of time for boredom to set in. Bored children will find ways to entertain themselves and those ways aren’t always good ones.

Encourage them to play outside with friends and go for long walks. Kids have a lot of energy and they need an outlet to get rid of it. Another advantage to keeping them active during the day is the fact they will sleep well at night. You won’t have to fight to get them to sleep later on.

Lay down rules ahead of time

Managing challenging behaviour in the holidaysIf you’ll be visiting friends and family, be sure to lay down set rules ahead of time. Your child needs to know what type of behaviour you are expecting. Similarly, you need to talk to the friends and family you will be visiting.

Be sure there is going to be a safe place for your child to play. Pack some toys that they can play with while they’re there. Finding things to keep them occupied will limit the chances they will play up while you’re out.

Create a reward system

One thing that many parents have found helpful is creating a reward system. All you need is a sheet of paper and small sticky stars.

Each time your child behaves well, reward them with a star and place it next to their name on the paper. Set it so that after so many stars your child gets a reward. It could be a day out, a new toy or their favourite treat. Be sure to let them know there is a reward at the end and this will keep them motivated and focused on behaving well.

The reward system is one of the most effective ways to manage bad behaviour. Instead of punishing your kids for doing things wrong, you are focusing on the good behaviour.

It can seem like a never ending battle trying to get your kids to behave during the holidays. However, the strategies above will help to make it a little easier. Above all else you need to remember your stress levels will be increased during this time. As you struggle to juggle family and work, it can become really stressful. Be careful not to take this stress out on your children.




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