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Neuro Linguistic Programming


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Often we’ll unconsciously do something simply because that’s always the way we’ve acted in a certain situation. It doesn’t matter how much we try to break the natural habits or patterns, we’ll still keep making the same mistakes. It might simply be that you need to look into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a way of helping you achieve more out of your life.

What is NLP?

Generally we don’t think consciously about most of the activities we engage in throughout the day. They just happen as they normally do, without us having to put much thought into them. NLP looks at the links between what we think, the language we use and how we behave within certain situations. It can then provide us with the techniques to make changes to what we do, so that we can achieve more out of our lives.

How does NLP work?

With NLP you look more consciously at the decisions you make and how you act in a given situation. It focuses on the different components that make up every aspect of your life. Every event, thought, feeling or action affects the outcome in some way.

NLP looks at anchoring, which discovers how and why your problems develop and your responses to specific situations. It examines language and how this affects your thoughts, which in turn has an impact on your behaviour. It also uses metaphors as a way of learning new behaviour.

It then teaches you to achieve your goals, by setting out what you want to do and how to go about it. Using NLP you can look at which areas of your life are working and where you need to focus any changes on. You already have everything you need to effect change and NLP will show you how to make the best use of them. It teaches you how to decide on which emotional or mental state to use, whether that’s to increase your concentration, confidence, enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation or learning skills.

The main areas of NLP are:

  • Decide on your goal
  • Take the necessary action to achieve it
  • Assess how successful you’ve been
  • Take further steps to change if necessary

Can NLP work for you?

NLPThe beauty of NLP is that it can be learned by anyone within a matter of minutes. There are no complicated processes to get to grips with or hours of reading to complete. You can literally start using the techniques straight away, meaning you don’t have to wait to make changes to your life. NLP can start having an impact on your life as soon as you want it to.

NLP enables you to teach yourself to lead your life in a different way. This could be a way of motivating yourself, not feeling so much stress or becoming more self-confident. Whatever goal you are seeking to achieve, NLP will help you to get there.

These issues can affect both your personal and professional life and NLP can be used by anyone no matter what their occupation or lifestyle. It can work for a sales person who wants to achieve a higher rate of successful sales, as well as a woman who wants to become more self confident so that she can go out and find more friends.

If you want to stop repeating the same mistakes time after time and lead a more successful and productive life, then practicing NLP techniques can help you achieve this. For further information and details of NLP practitioners near you, visit the British Association of Therapeutic



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