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New dads guide to pregnancy

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So, you’re gonna be a Dad, congratulations! There’s going to be a range of emotions bubbling over inside you, from fear to excitement, hopefully you’ve told the family and all your friends and now it’s time for the long wait. In that time there will be a lot of changes, aside from the obvious, and you may worry that you’re not prepared for everything that’s happening but try not to worry, help is at hand with the new dads guide to pregnancy.

Pregnancy will always affect different women in different ways but the key to being a great partner is recognising what the love of your life needs, for example sometimes they want a cup of tea and a chat with a friend so don’t be afraid to pop out with the dog or go see a mate if it’s gossip time. The lady in your life may also develop some cravings so get to know the late night cashier at Tesco as you may be buying some strange stuff, but also don’t be offended if your award-winning curry that she used to love now makes her gag, as in early pregnancy mum can go through stages of loving and hating food, tastes and smells.

Getting practical

  • Cooking is a great practical way to help your partner, if she normally does a majority of the cooking it can be a help and character building for you to don the apron and dish up a healthy meal for your new family. Other practical ways of helping can be taking over driving, carrying the shopping and helping your lady in and out of the bath towards the end. Advice for soon-to-be fathers is as wide ranging as the names you will look at for your baby and picking through what makes sense and what is hocus pocus is a hard task so here are some easy to follow tips to make the next few months as easy for your and your partner as possible.
  • Be prepared for the ups and downs and remember the reason you’re together, everyone has disagreements during pregnancy but smile and know it will be worth it. Talk to your partner about how she’s feeling and what she is expectin
  • Learn how to rub feet. It’s very soothing and can relieve a lot of pressure, the general consensus is to stay away from the ankle pressure points and no oils until after the first trimester.
  • A back massage can be helpful in the later stages too, just remember let your partner dictate the comfort and ensure you don’t put any strain on baby. Look here for advice on correct posture and technique when it comes to massage http://www.wikihow.com/Massage-Your-Pregnant-Wife
  • Buy some Hot Weather Cooling Spray. It may sound weird but getting hot at night can make it hard for mum to sleep, spraying this lightly on her face will sooth and relax her. Look in Boots or a leading Supermarket.
new dads

Be supportive

Don’t be afraid to give up your pillows as mum will need some support as she gets bigger, it may be wise to invest in a maternity pillow, which are numerous and wide ranging online, shop with your partner and see what she fancies.

  • Remember there’s nothing more powerful than a hug, a kiss and a cup of tea. Doubt and fears can start to creep in at any stage of pregnancy, especially in first time mothers, so a reassuring hug and a kiss on the forehead can go a long way to help.
  • Try not to panic! It’s easier said than done, but when practice contractions (or Braxton Hicks) occur it can make your heart stop. Reassurance is the key, and make sure you have all the phone numbers you need in your phone and easy to access. If you’re pay as you go, make sure you always have credit.
  • Remember that the special lady in your life will be getting worried toward the end, go to the doctors with her, attend classes if she wants to and take an active interest in what she is doing.

The key to getting through this pregnancy is to support, listen, encourage and love, remember that you have feeling too and don’t be afraid to talk about them, keep each other happy and look forward to the biggest adventure you will ever embark on. There will be changes, some big and some small, just remember that when it’s all over and done with you will be blessed with a little bundle of joy that will change your life, for the better, in so many ways.




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