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New Mum Tips

new mum tips

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They say that nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent. In fact, giving birth and becoming a mum can be terrifying and thrilling in equal parts. But while that saying is true, there are a few things you can bear in mind to make the transition from couple to family as smooth as possible.

Accept help

Whether it’s offering to make you a cup of tea or cleaning your house from top to bottom, if someone offers help then bite their arm off. Giving birth is a huge achievement and, as such, it can take it out of you both physically and emotionally. Allow yourself some time to rest up and get to know your new baby. If nobody is very forthcoming in offering you a helping hand then don’t be shy to ask. Most people, especially close family and friends, will be happy to help – they just need you to let them know how.

Trust your instincts

Nobody knows a child as well as their parents do. You may be new to this parenting lark but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing (even though it might feel like it some days!) To others a crying baby can mean anything but the child’s parents soon learn to distinguish between tired cries, hungry cries and crying out in pain. Maternal instinct is a proper thing, so trust yourself to know the needs of your baby and act on your gut feeling.

Take advice with a pinch of salt

Everyone – and I do mean EVERYONE – will have an opinion on how you should bring up your baby. The trouble with that is that two people rarely offer the same guidance. However, if you take the above point and trust that you know best then your baby will be just fine. That’s not to say you shouldn’t seek out advice if you’re unsure about something but make sure you ask people with similar parenting styles to your own. For everyone else just smile politely, say you’ll bear that in mind and change the topic.

Babies are easily pleased

new mum tipsYou might feel as though other parents will judge you if your baby doesn’t have the best cot, the latest buggy or a high-tech bouncer chair. However, your child couldn’t care less. As long as she is comfortable she’ll be happy. Rather than forking out loads of cash on things you don’t need, consider using the money to take some extra time off work or put into a savings account.

It’s amazing what you can do on little sleep

One of the biggest concerns new mums have is not getting enough sleep. Unless you’re lucky enough to have one of those few babies who sleep through from an early age, it’s likely you’ll be getting a lot less sleep than you’re used to. Don’t panic though. You’ll find your body adapts to a lack of sleep and you might be astounded at what you can do with even just a few hours of broken sleep. Sure, you will probably feel tired and get ratty or emotional through sleep deprivation some days, but as your baby develops a sleeping pattern, your body will adjust to cope with it.

Having a baby is life changing and there’s no going back. But talk to any mum and you can be pretty confident she wouldn’t change it for the world. Sure, you might have to adapt your lifestyle a bit and you may feel a bit frazzled at times but being a parent is worth every single second.



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