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Passing on life skills to help children grow


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Top 5 Life Tips To Teach Your Kids

As parents we are constantly teaching our children. Hold your spoon like this, say please and thank you, put this shoe on this foot. Every day we are passing on life skills to help children grow and develop.

Money Matters

Teaching children to look after their finances is important. You can encourage them to respect money and the value of things from an early age. We live in a consumer driven society, for children things just appear when they want them, but this could give them a false impression of how life is. Small steps like letting them pay for shopping and keep the change to put in a money box can instill positive values. It can teach them that money has to be earned and saved, that it doesn’t just appear from a hole in the wall. Explain that work brings you money and that the money pays for everything they have. It funds their house, food, clothes toys, this can also help when small children don’t like the idea of their parents going out to work.

With older children encourage them to save some pocket money and open a bank account to see how money builds up over time. I also think it’s good to tell children they can’t have every toy, sweet or book that they want. If things are too expensive or you can’t afford them I think its fine to be honest about that and to explain that they can’t always have what they want.

Teach Them To Cook

Children love to cook. It gets them interested in food, teaches them about where food comes from and encourages them to eat new things. You can let your child help you cook or even just watch you make the dinner while you explain what you are doing. Encourage your child to weigh out ingredients, mix them together, to season and taste food as you go along. Home-made pizzas or simple baking like making muffins or cup cakes is a great way to start.

IT Skills

teaching kids life skillsMost of us use IT of some sort daily so it’s important to let your child get involved with technology. iPhones and iPads are very easy for children to use with their touch screen technology, but don’t forget the basics of a mouse and a keyboard. Some children will start to use these at nursery age. Teach your child how to use a mouse using coloured stickers on the left and right sides to help. If using a keyboard, explain to small children that the letters are not in the same order as the alphabet. As your child gets older you can show them basic restart skills like control + alt + delete.

Dealing With Conflict

Arguments and disagreements are part of life and teaching your child to deal with difficult situations is a skill that will stay with them. Children watch how their parents interact so be careful how you manage conflict within your relationship. If you shout and scream then that is what your children will do. If you listen and try to resolve things your children will probably try to do the same.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Try, try again. Children need to know that it is okay to fail, that is it fine to get things wrong, to learn and to try again. Society is geared towards success, towards academic achievement, but we don’t all get things right first time. Letting your child know this, and encouraging them to not give up easily is a life skill that will stand them in good stead.





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About Joanne Lowe

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