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Play and learn with your child

play and learn with your child

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Play is not just a frivolous indulgence.  It is a stimulating activity that can relax both the brain and the body.  Play and learn with your child is a great way to simultaneously chill-out, and give quality time and energy to your little ones.  Children are naturals at playing.  Their approach to fun is unencumbered by self-conscious constraints and responsibilities that often hinder us as adults.  Let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to become immersed in the joy that is playtime again, and reap the benefits to your health, and your relationships with your children.

Benefits of Play

The art of playing is to have fun, but the benefits go much deeper for you both.  It is a great outlet for transforming frustrations and negative emotions into positive energy.  Watch small children at play and you will often see them reconstructing experiences from their own perspective, and working them through in a safe and positive way.  When the good Moshi Monsters triumph, or Bob the Builder succeeds in making his tower despite repeated collapses, the purpose of the game has been achieved, both in real and emotional terms for your child.play and learn with your child

Play is a valuable tool.  Here are some of the benefits that you and your children can receive by indulging:


empathy, trust, compassion, and many other emotions and life-skills are all exercised and learned through play.  Sharing in this with your child creates intimacy and a strong bond between you that is established through a wholly positive experience.


At its most basic level, play is a joyful, pleasant, happy activity.  Engaging in it creates a sense of well-being and stimulates the release of hormones that energise and promote positivity.  This helps to give your child a positive outlook on life that they will carry as they grow

The Art of Perseverance

Taking time to learn a new skill in a fun environment teaches your child that the energy expended to achieve the end result is worthwhile.  This key life-skill will be invaluable to your child as they learn that not all things in life come easily

Social Skills

Play can involve interaction, give and take, cooperation, teamwork, and the shifting of freedom and boundaries.  Learning their personal responses to challenging situations in a safe play environment will assist your child in understanding how to cope and manage situations throughout their lives.  Communication is a vital skill that play can nurture and build

Creativity and Learning

Games that involve problem-solving, trial and error, risk-taking, curiosity and discovery – such as sorting and stacking toys and so on, all provide prime opportunities for children to learn new ways of approaching life, and methods for managing problems and difficulties.  It provides a non-judgemental environment in which they can try-out new approaches and ideas, and test boundaries without fear of drastic consequences

Whilst all this may sound very serious, just remember that play is fun, and these benefits come naturally as part of the process.  If you are regularly playing with your child in a variety of different ways, then you will already be exposing them to these benefits.  Simple.  So now is the time to stop reading and analysing and GO PLAY!



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