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Recovering after C sections


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Pregnancy and childbirth takes a huge toll on your body but even more so if you’ve had a caesarean section. C-sections are classed as major surgery so you need to take time to let your body recover.

Staying in hospital

After a caesarean birth it’s normal for a woman to stay in hospital for around three days. Your wound dressing should be removed around 24 hours after the birth and painkillers will be available if you feel you need them. Make the most of bed rest and having your meals prepared for you and if you’re breastfeeding then it’s great having midwives and nurses on hand to offer help and advice in the first few days.

Going home

Once you get home accept any offers of help from your friends and family and allow your partner to do the majority of the work. Your body has been through a lot and needs to rest so, while being active can help speed up recovery, you do need to take it easy for a while with just short bouts of activity in between.

Focus on you and your new baby

For those with older children this may be easier said than done, but try to make sure you get some time to yourself to rest up and bond with your new baby. Get your partner to take the kids out somewhere nice to leave you in peace for a bit and get everyone to help out with cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask visitors to let you settle for a couple of weeks before they come to meet your new arrival.


recovering after c sectionOf course you shouldn’t be heading off to the gym any time soon but it is important to do those pelvic floor exercises. Getting into the habit of doing them helps strengthen your pelvic floor increasing the support it gives your abdominal muscles.  Where possible try to get out for a stroll at least once a day. Take someone with you to push the pram and offer support if you feel a bit woozy. Fresh air and a little exercise can do wonders for aiding your recovery. Even just getting out the house for a bit can help you feel more like your old self.

No heavy lifting

As a general rule you shouldn’t lift anything heavier than your baby for the first six weeks following a C-section. If you have other children get them to climb up onto the couch to snuggle beside you rather than lifting them up. You’ve done all the hard work through pregnancy and birth so let your partner do his share now by doing all the chores and heavy lifting.

Listen to your body

All women heal differently after a C-section so listen to your body and be sure to take extra care if you need it. Remember that if you overdo things too soon it could put your recovery back and you may need to take more time out. Getting over an operation takes time so make sure you give yourself the opportunity to recover properly.





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