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Role Models: The impact they have on our children

Role Models: The impact they have on our children

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Most of our behaviours and beliefs are learned through observation and imitation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that having role models, whether positive or negative, can have a major impact on the development of children. Role models are everywhere in today’s society. From parents and teachers to peer groups and celebrities, there are a wide range of people who can have an influence on the way in which our children grow up. Everything from their attitudes to their future success can be attributed to the effect of a role model.

Inspire Them

Children need inspiration in order to succeed and this generally comes from people they admire and look up to. Those who have strived for excellence in their chosen career can be extremely positive role models for children. They show them how hard they have to work to achieve those levels of success. Children see that if they are that successful, they’ll achieve what they want to and lead happier lives.

Set Moral Standards

Our attitudes and beliefs are ingrained at an early age and these generally come from our role models. What we learn in these first few years will see us through the rest of our lives. If we see someone who’s hard working and has a good belief system, then we’re more likely to follow the same path as them. The life of the person we aspire to becomes the standard that we base ourselves on.Role Models: The impact they have on our children

Personality Traits

Much of our personality is derived from those of our role models. During our childhood, we have the tendency to adapt our personality to that of our role model, including things that they like or dislike, attitudes to certain circumstances and how they react to a situation.


In order to succeed in live you have to have a positive outlook and this is something that can be passed down through role models. If you’re influenced by someone who has an optimistic viewpoint, then you’re more likely to carry this on.

Who their role models are will generally influence what children want to do when they grow up, whether that’s a fireman or a pop star. If they see someone happy and successful then they’ll want to continue down the same route. Having an ambitious role model will help children to push themselves further and reach for their goals.

Negative Impact

Role models don’t just have a sportive influence on children; there can also be negative ones too. This can come from hanging around with the wrong group of friends or looking up to a celebrity who’s not as innocent as they should be. They can have a negative impact by their lifestyle choices, such as smoking or drinking, or through their religious or political beliefs.

There are ways in which you can divert children away from negative role models. If they’re involved with the wrong crowd, then you can encourage them to have a more diverse range of interests or try and introduce them to new people.

Role models can have a major impact on our lives by helping us to develop, make the right decisions and lead happy and fulfilled lives. Therefore it’s important that you surround your children with positive influences.



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