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Safety tips for kids in the kitchen


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Helping your children to cook is a fun way of introducing them to preparing food. It will enable them to gain an interest in what goes into a meal and might encourage them to try new foods. To keep them safe, it’s important to start teaching them some important lessons from the beginning.

Supervise them at all times

This is especially important for very young or inexperienced children. They won’t always be aware of all the hazards that can be found in the kitchen, so you need to be their eyes and ears. As children develop their skills, you can help them focus on how they can prevent accidents from happening.

Be patient

Learning to cook should be a fun activity and not something that your children see as a chore. If they don’t want to help then don’t force them. Try and encourage them with a meal that they enjoy eating and then develop their skills from there. Above all try to be patient when teaching them and avoid shouting at them.

Teach them to use the equipment

Make sure that they know what they should be doing before you start on a task. Show them how to handle knives and other sharp utensils correctly and safely.

The risks of fire

Even from an early age, children need to be aware of the risks of fire in the kitchen. Help them to understand how fires can start, what they should do if one occurs and when they need to call the fire service.

Put an apron on

kids safety in the kitchenBy dressing them up in a suitable apron it helps your child to feel the part. However, it also serves a practical purpose by protecting both them and their clothes. This way you can reduce the risk of any accidents occurring from oil, hot water or grease.

Handling hot food

If you’re using hot pans or the oven, you need to show them how to handle hot food safely. It’s important that they always wear oven gloves. These are safer than a tea towel, as they can become loose and catch fire. Gloves also make it easier for children to handle pans.

Always wash your hands

You need to instil good hygiene rules into your children from the beginning. Before you start preparing any food make sure they wash their hands thoroughly. This should then be repeated if they’ve handled raw meats or anything else that could contaminate the food.

Keep an eye on the cooker

They should never leave a pan of boiling water or food that is frying unattended. Explain how quickly a fire can start and remind them to stay in the room whenever they are cooking.

Raw meats

Contamination of food from contact with raw meats is one of the biggest causes of food poisoning. Many of these incidences can be prevented by following a few simple rules. Teach these to your children at an early age and you can stop them getting ill. Raw food, especially poultry, should be kept separate from cooked food at all times. This includes in the fridge and when preparing ingredients. Make sure that they wash the utensils and surfaces after chopping raw meat. They also need to wash their hands again.

Hopefully once your child has helped you in the kitchen a few times they’ll get the cooking bug. By showing them the importance of safety from the beginning, you’ll help to prevent any accidents from occurring as well.




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