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Benefits of Shared Parenting

If you have children with someone who you are no longer in a relationship with then chances are you are sharing the parenting responsibilities with that person, even if they only reside permanently with one of you. The benefits of shared parenting can be vast, although not ideal, and you can make a great life for your child so they can enjoy a fruitful relationship with both parents. Shared residency for example allows for time to be split so the child lives with each parent at different times, this may be Monday-Friday with mum and weekends with Dad, or even term time with mum and holidays with dad, but this isn’t set in stone and any arrangement can be made as long as it benefit’s the child.

Planning for when the children are round

Having a set schedule of parenting can mean each parent can create a timescale of life where they can introduce regular work, socialising or hobbies, safe in the knowledge they have someone responsible to take care of the children.shared parenting You can also plan activities with the children knowing when they will be around, in fact shared parenting allows for a more fluid relationship where normal parenting activities can be enjoyed by both parents, such as helping with homework, taking the children to hobbies and going to parties. Shared parenting allows for each parent to enjoy the time with young children, watching them grow and develop and also lets the children share in the experience of both parents where a child who only benefits from one parent may miss out on some things, or at least find it harder to experience them.

Common ground

The key to shared parenting is both parents finding a common ground where they can forget about their problems and do what is absolutely the right things for the children, it’s not a very easy thing to do, especially if a break up has been particularly painful, but the benefits felt by the children are so great there really is no reason why you can’t find the time to arrange it.

Getting help

If you are officially sharing parental responsibilities then you may also find you receive help with benefits and other financial support as you are classed as having dependents living with you, your place of work should support you with hours so that you can enter into a shared parenting agreement with your ex partner, if they don’t then you may have grounds to appeal. There are support companies who can mediate discussions between parents wishing to enter into a shared parenting agreement but are finding it difficult to settle on times. Once you have an agreement then some parents like to instruct a solicitor to draw up papers to be signed by both parties to make the agreement legally binding, most parents however just stick to the agreement for the benefit of the children. It’s obvious having the love and support of both parents is a massive benefit to the development of children and can go a long way to healing wounds that may have been caused by a difficult separation and ease a feeling of unsettlement they may be experiencing.



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