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Start Dating Again

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In the aftermath of separation dating is the last thing on your mind, but as time passes you may find yourself ready to meet someone new.  The chance to start dating again can be daunting, but once you begin you’ll quickly remember the skills and etiquette that served you well first time around.

single dads dating

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Let go of the past

You are who you are today because of the experiences you have had.  Being comfortable with the person you are now will give you a confidence that will make your naturally attractive.  Beware of comparing new partners to previous ones.  Your earlier relationship didn’t work out for a reason, so try to be open to types of people and experiences that may be outside your comfort zone, and learn about yourself into the bargain.

Be yourself

It’s tempting when meeting someone new to try and be the person you think they would like you to be.  You want them to like you, but they will love and respect you more in the long run if you show them who you really are from the outset.  This is particularly true if you have children.  They do not need to be an obstacle to dating, but are a fundamental part of your life so you should be open about that from the beginning.

start dating again

Beating those nerves!

Doing a little bit of pre-match preparation will stand you in good stead ahead of your first date.  Many nerves arise from not being sure of what to expect, so use the time before you meet to get to know your date as much as you can.

Email communications and telephone chats are less challenging ways to break the ice, and will provide you with useful insight into your date before you meet.  Finding out a bit about their life, hobbies, and likes and dislikes can help you find topics of conversation to fill the gap should there be any awkward nervous silences, and this will help you both feel more at ease.

If possible, arrange to meet somewhere that you are familiar with.  This is a great way to eradicate any nerves about what the dress code is, how to get there, and what kind of setting it is.

What to wear is a common cause of nerves in both men and women.  Choose an outfit that makes you look good, but is comfortable.  Neither too provocative nor too modest, women should try to strike a balance that shows you have a good body image, but aren’t obsessed with your looks.  For men, smart, ironed, and fresh are the watchwords – making an effort will show your date that you value and respect yourself, which are themselves attractive qualities.

Choose the right kind of date

Selecting the right type of date can make a big difference to relaxing it is.  If chatting is not your forte then a dinner date may the wrong choice.  A walk in the park or casual drinks may be less pressured.  For some people social gatherings where many singles meet for the purpose of sizing-up potential dates can be preferable.  It takes the focus off one individual, and offers the opportunity to extend your circle of friends too.  Keeping it short and sweet in the first instance can be a good idea too.  If things aren’t going great you can get away sooner, and if all is going well you can always extend the date, or leave on a high that makes the possibility of a second meeting more likely.






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