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Teenagers and personal hygiene

teenage personal hygiene

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Teenagers smell, it’s a fact of life, any parent will tell you, indeed any 20 year old will remember being smelly, even if they don’t admit it. There are many reasons why teenagers smell, partly because as soon as they could wash themselves you pretty much left them to it at a young age, then as their bodies change they don’t know how to change with it.Teenagers and personal hygiene is an issue every parent will have to deal with at some point, how you choose to deal with it depends on you!

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It’s time to sit down with your teen a broach the subject of personal hygiene, as they probably think you mean saying hello to the old lady next door, this can be done whilst tackling other sensitive subjects such as puberty, sex and getting a job, ok maybe not the last one but you get the point. You will need to explain the importance of showering every day and making sure they understand the importance of ‘intimate hygiene’, how to handle body hair in all it’s various forms is probably best handled on a one-to-one, same-sex basis.

The right tools

Having the right tools to handle hair removal is vital if they are going to get it right, avoid mishaps by getting them the best stuff you can afford and showing them several time how to get it right. This may be good time to take your teenager out to the chemist or supermarket and let them pick out some smelly stuff that most appeals to them, choosing a good deodorant and convincing them to take one in their school bag may be a good idea. Hopefully your child will already have a strong grasp on the importance of cleaning your teeth but ensuring your teen has the tools to carry out the task is a vital element, a good quality tooth brush and some decent mouth wash for example.

teenage personal hygiene

Say it as it is!

As with most things in parenting, leading by example is a major factor in whether or not your child will pick up the skills they need to be more independent, which is a polite way of saying take a good look at yourself before you start dishing out the advice as your grumpy teen may have a few words to say on the matter if you are crossing the lines of hypocrisy. Don’t be afraid to tell your teen they need to sort out their personal hygiene if it starts to slip as chances are they may not even realise, a gentle word in the ear or a well timed hint, “do you need more shower gel love?” for example. Getting in a routine of taking care of themselves from early on will help them later as their need for independence grows, so when that trundle off to university they aren’t sitting on their own at the back of the class with just the flies to talk to.

Personal hygiene forms a major part of peer bonding and not quite hitting the mark may leave them open to negative commentary, so do your part and help the big kid in your life. If all else fails then grab a teen magazine, these usually have quite useful articles amongst the pictures of Justin Beiber about personal hygiene and your teen may be more accepting of it than if you try to tackle it head on.




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