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The meaning of dreams

The meaning of dreams

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Dreams – we all have them even though we don’t always remember them. Dreams can seem very real, it is like you actually are living the experience and feeling the emotions; and a bad dream can leave us confused, upset and shaken for the rest of the next day. If we dream about a specific thing, it doesn’t mean that that is what will happen; dreams are not usually direct, they more likely contain hidden messages. Being able to analyse what we dream can be powerful in helping us understand the message within. Let’s have a look at what the most common dreams are and what the message might be.

Being chased

You know the one – where you are running as fast as you can, but the chaser is gaining ground, panic is rising but you are getting absolutely nowhere! This dream is one of the most common dreams in all cultures and is often symbolic of a feeling of being threatened. Dream experts say if you have this dream you should try to analyse who is chasing you and why you perceive they are threat in your life.


Many people dream about babies, being pregnant or giving birth and although the dream may represent your desire to actually produce offspring, it can represent a feeling of vulnerability or the desire to feel loved. It can also signify a yearning for new beginnings.


Dreaming you are sitting an exam can be symbolic of self-evaluation. The exam content is said to reveal the part of your personality that you have under reflection.


Many of us experience the unpleasant dream of the death of a friend or a loved one. This dream can be frightening and upsetting and people often worry that it is a premonition or prediction of the future. However, the dream actually represents endings and new beginnings in your life. If you have been recently bereaved, it can also be a way of coming to terms with that.


Many of us have hypnotic jerks as we fall asleep that jolt us awake, but this differs from a dream of falling. An actual dream where you are falling often signifies anxieties about letting go or losing control with something in your life, or the feeling of failing at something.


This is also surprisingly common and dreaming that you turn up somewhere naked or semi-clothed, can indicate that you feel exposed in some area of your life.

Being trapped

A dream that you are physically trapped somewhere is also a common dream (more likely an actual nightmare) and can reflect an inability to make a decision and a feeling of powerlessness to successfully escape a situation.


The meaning of dreamsDreams of flying are rarely scary, they are more enjoying and free they generally represent a recent release from tension, or emotional or mental strain. Flying dreams indicate you are in a good place in your life, suggesting the bad times are over for you and you have a general feeling of optimism in your life.

Teeth falling out

Do you dream your gnashers are loose or falling out? This dream can have a number of meanings. It can represent a transitional point in your life, anxiety and uncertainty. No surprise then that this dream is often experienced by children entering adolescence or women entering the menopause. It can also represent insecurity or poor self-image.

Recurring dreams

A recurring dream is one which you might have on a regular basis usually occurring in the REM stage of sleep. The majority or recurring dreams are usually unpleasant or actually nightmares and mostly triggered during tough or emotional times of our lives. Anyone who has recurring dreams will also sometimes have the dream and be unaware of it on waking.

A recurring dream is our unconscious mind trying to deliver a message and it’s up to the person dreaming, to figure out what the message is. To stop a recurring dream it would be advisable to establish the root. Find what area of life causes you the stress i.e. work or home life, log down as much detail as you can and then try to join the threads together. Once you work the meaning out and remove the troubling area from your life the dreams are likely to cease.

Not all dreams have a hidden message, sometimes the mind just whirrs through events of the previous days, almost like background noise. But often dreams are a way of the unconscious mind communicating with us. Listening to those messages is key in releasing us from bad dreams and working out problems within our lives. Creating a dream log or diary might be useful in helping unravel some of the messages and hopefully then lead us to have less nightmares and more sweet dreams!




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