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The power of positive thinking

the power of positive thinking

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Some people have a natural optimism that shines through in everything they do.  Even when circumstances seem to demand a degree of bitterness and resentment, these sparkly individuals smile and shrug, and find the light in a dark situation.  This trait is an amazingly powerful one, that allows those who possess it to meet challenging situations head-on, and the power of positive thinking is breathtaking.  So where does it come from, and can anyone learn how to do it?


The word itself comes from the Latin “optimus” which means “best”.  Today the word indicates an approach to life where someone always sees the best in any situation, and expects good things to happen.  Like finding the silver lining around any cloud.  Recent research in this field reveals that this positive approach to life has a good impact on overall mental health, and a person’s ability to handle stress.  It has also been suggested that a positive outlook leads to a stronger immune system, fewer illnesses, and a longer life.


How to Get Positive

Not everyone has a natural ability for this, but there are ways in which you can train your brain to adopt a more positive view of life which, when practiced regularly, will form the necessary neuronic links to make it second nature for you:

Change the Way you Think

Banish negative thoughts – every time a negative thought comes into your head replace it with a positive one.  So you lost your job?  Now you have the freedom to explore other possibilities.  Broke your leg?  The time out will give you chance to catch up on paperwork at home.  Dropped your iphone?  Your insurance will deliver a new one to play with … and so on …
Reframe Events – life is not just something that happens to you.  This view is one often adopted by pessimists.  In choosing to view life’s event from a new angle, and allowing yourself to believe that you can influence the world around you, is the first step towards making it happen.  Events may sometimes be beyond your control, but the way in which you view and react to them is not
The “It Could be Worse” Technique – this is a very powerful tool.  Once you are in the habit of viewing negative events in this way you will find it liberating.  In the vast majority of situations you can always come up with a worse outcome that didn’t arise.  It does not change what has happened, but helps to put your own situation and experience in perspective

Adopt Optimistic Characteristics

Making a positive effort to approach your life in a new way will soon deliver results.  Looking at how optimists behave and copying their behaviours is a great way to start taking control of your thought processes.  Here are some of the traits exhibited by positive people:

  • They don’t complain too much when bad things happenthe power of positive thinking
  • They actively appreciate and are grateful for what they have
  • They believe they have the power to influence their own lives
  • They approach obstacles with a question of “how” to navigate them, not “if” they are able
  • They focus and reflect on the good things in life

Reviewing this list daily and applying to your own life is a good place to start.  The benefits of positive thinking are mental, emotional and physical.  Adopting a happier outlook on life can make a significant difference to the way you experience it.  Even the smallest changes to your thought processes can help, so get started right away and seize the power!




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