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Tips for new Dads

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If you’re reading this then chance are you just became the proud parent to a small bundle of wrinkles that will eat it’s way through your wallet and squirt it out the other end! No of course not, I’m just kidding, however that may be what you are secretly thinking in the back of your mind right now but don’t worry, it’ll all be fine, you are prepared for this?


You know all the horror stories, sleepless nights, crying, feeding, nappies but you may be unprepared for the emotional aspects that dad’s don’t talk about at football and it’s these moments that often become the breaking point in the early days if they aren’t dealt with. Having a child can be a huge emotional strain on you and the mother both personally and as a couple but it’s alright, you are not alone and it is all worth it. Here are some tips for new dads:tips for new dads

Wipe away those tears

First up, lets get it out the way, you will cry! It doesn’t matter if you sob in front of everyone or you have a moment to yourself, the emotional drain of the last nine months, coupled with being worried about your partner, and now having a new little life that is relying on you for everything will break even the toughest man, my advice is do it, just get it out, and make sure you tell your partner because I guarantee she is feeling it to, she won’t think less of you, in fact it will make the bond greater.


Now that’s out the way, be prepared for everyone and the house cat to come visiting, people you have never met before and will never see again because everyone loves a baby, and they are all full of advice about what you should do, ride it out and nod and agree because you will never see them again after the first two weeks and life will go back to normal.

Too much information!

You need to be ready to listen to your partner describing all the gory details of the birth to her fiends in detail, if you are of a sensitive nature then it may not be an easy conversation to over-hear, best bet is to tell the special lady in your life to go and have a coffee with her mates while you look after the baby, it will give her time to gossip with her friends while you get some quality time with baby. Keep in mind that babies don’t stay babies for very long so if you have a job that requires you to be away from home a lot you may want to consider talking to your boss about a change of roles for six months while you support the family, or invest in a video camera so you don’t miss out on all the best bits like smiles.

Moneytips for new dads

You may be worrying about money, don’t, it will work itself out in the end and if you don’t think it will then talk to an expert, try your bank, they will be happy to help you plan the future. The important thing to keep in mind, even if you forget all that, is this; how you’re feeling right now, scared and worried about the future, well that’s normal, every dad feels like it, you’re dad felt like it and your son will feel like it some day in the future, make sure you talk to you’re partner about it because she will be relieved to hear she’s not alone.



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