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Tips for stay at home dads

stay at home dads

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Tips to help you thrive as a Stay at Home Dad

Well you’ve decided to be a stay at home dad;  it’s a big step and you may be a little anxious about what you’re going to do now you have the reigns in your children’s upbringing, but not to worry, there are some  tips for stay at home dads we can give you to make sure you stay on the right track.


You can’t get on with anything if you don’t have a set routine, it is the roots to all learning and behaviour. Keeping a set routine will help your children to get used to doing things at the right time and in the right way. Making sure you have breakfast when they get up, make sure they are sitting down and concentrating on a good meal, and that goes for all meals, get them used to eating at certain times. Getting dressed and having a nap, make sure they are doing these things at the same time every day so they get used to what they need to do and why.

Get Out

Make sure you take the children out, don’t just sit in front of the television, go out and experience the world, take them to the park and meet other parents, fill them full of fresh air. Getting the blood pumping will help their development and encourage them to be healthier, it’s great for you too.

Make Friends

Kids need to make friends and learn to socialise with other children, and so do you!  So take them to the local play centre, let them burn off some energy running round with other kids and enjoy a coffee with some of the other parents. The more often your kids socialise with other kids, the easier they will find it to settle in once they head off to nursery and school. It’s also great for you to engage in some adult conversation once in a while.

stay at home dads

Do something else

You need  to have something that interests you that you can do when you kids aren’t there, for example when they are at school or play group, to keep you in touch with your own mind. This can be anything from writing or painting to working on an old car in the garage. There are many things you can choose to do but whatever it is you need to have an interest that separates you from Barny the Dinosaur and all the other elements of long term child care.

Have Fun

It’s important you have a good time when looking after your kids; laugh, sing, get dirty and make sure it’s a healthy time of life for both or all of you. It needs to be fun, you need to laugh and when your kids are older and they look back on the time they spent with you they will smile and know that it was a great time. Break out the inner child and sacrifice yourself on the alter of pride, let the kids drench you in poster paint and don’t be afraid to go out a jump in some muddy puddles.



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