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Toddler Tantrums: The random things our kids throw a wobbly over!


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We recently ran a competition on toddler tantrums to find out the funniest thing your toddler has thrown a wobbly over. Those little munchkins of ours often have a complete meltdown over the most trivial of things and here are the best of the best from you, real parents!

Food Fracas – Who knew carrots could cause catastrophes?

  • ‘My little girl threw a paddy when I gave her dinner to her because apparently her carrots were pointing the wrong way round and she didn’t like it! She wouldn’t stop crying until I’d turned every one of them to point a different direction!’ ~ Jen Keller

    toddler tantrum 1

  • ‘I stopped my one year old eating leftovers from the bin. She had a full blown tantrum for a good 5 minutes’ ~ Abi Rolfe – see pic
  • ‘My son had a meltdown this morning when he requested a fruit salad for breakfast (very healthy and I was proud of him and his choice) but he was not happy when he got his bowl of fruit. He was expecting lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber etc with his apple, grapes and strawberries – because it’s a fruit ‘salad’!’ ~ Emma Sellars
  • ‘I took the lid off my daughters yoghurt pot so she could eat it….. Obviously this was the worst thing I could ever do – absolute meltdown!’ ~ Lynn Heath
  • ‘It’s called MELONADE aaaaaaaahhhhh – no it’s not darling, it’s LEMONADE aaaaaahhhh!’ ~ Michaela Atkins
  • ‘My daughter wanted her sandwiches cut into triangles not squares’ ~ Linda Parker
  • ‘My son asked for his breadstick to be in 2 pieces then had a meltdown when it came broken!’ ~ Wendy Rayner-Hall
  • ‘Because her biscuit / chocolate bar / banana still has half its wrapper on!’ ~ Victoria Cunniff
  • ‘Because her Weetabix went bumpy….!’ ~ Victoria Struthers
  • ‘They had run out of Brussel sprouts in the shop and she went mad as she loves them!’ ~ Justine Meyer
  • ‘She asked for her sandwich to be cut up. Then cried that is was ‘broken’!’ ~ Clare Holding

Wriggling toes and trumping bums! When body parts don’t play ball…

  • ‘Because her toes were wriggling and she couldn’t make them stop!’ ~ Madeleine Appleton

  • ‘My 2 year old came to me worryingly saying she has ‘blue lines’ on her arms and I need to wipe them off!!… They were her veins…’ ~ Malgorzata Howe
  • ‘Because she doesn’t have ‘fish legs’ like Ariel!’ ~ Harley Richardson
  • ‘Because I made eye contact with him!’ ~ Catherine Meskilltoddler talk back
  • ‘My little girl couldn’t deal with the fact her bottom popped without her telling it to and she couldn’t tell her mouth to say pardon me!’ ~ Jennifer Cole
  • ‘Because she wanted to see herself cry in the mirror lol!’ ~ Jill Donaldson
  • ‘My daughter wanted to pick her nose but her nails were too short and the bogey was too sticky’ ~ Charlie Hastings
  • ‘My eldest daughter was upset that her younger sister weighed more than her’ ~ Sheena Shearman

Pink Cows and bird poo – the nemesis of many a toddler

  • ‘She wanted to see some pink cows, not just black and white ones’ ~ Natalie Gaunt
  • ‘Because the tortoise wouldn’t move’ ~ Michelle Bamber
  • ‘My twins had a joint epic meltdown one Christmas Even as each was convinced the other had the ‘best’ carrot for the reindeer but would not swap!’ ~ Jo Joanne Jodie Hardy
  • ‘Because the cat wouldn’t give her a cuddle!?’ ~ Kathryn Russell
  • ‘Bird poo on the roof of the car!! Disaster!’ ~ Emma Thorne

Clothing Calamities!

  • ‘The seams on her socks wouldn’t go properly. We went through the whole drawer full until she got a pair that did, making us late for an appointment!’ ~ Sue Ballantine
  • ‘Her uniform dress didn’t have a pocket! An essential requirement apparently!’ ~ Louise Brighouse-Johnson
  • ‘My son had a complete meltdown because he couldn’t wear his new wellies to bed!’ ~ Vikki Hamer
  • ‘I look fantastic in my stripy pyjamas so that is what I shall wear to Aunty Annie’s wedding!’ ~ Shoma Salgaonkar-Bhave
  • ‘My daughter couldn’t handle that I put the scent balls in the washing machine WITH the washing and not BEFORE like the lady on the TV tells you to….She wanted to send me to the naughty step and reminds me of my error every time that blinkin’ add comes on!’ ~ Jennie Walder

Imaginary friends and a red batman– when childs-play turns into total meltdown!

  • ‘My son had an epic meltdown when he tried to catch bubbles but they kept bursting’ ~ Gary Clabburn
  • ‘Because his older sister had told him that Gary (his invisible friend) was 7. He insisted Gary was only 6’ ~ Catherine McAlinden
  • ‘Because the snow was cold’ ~ Caroline Smith – see pictoddler tantrum 2
  • ‘My husband bounced the ball to our 2 yr old girl instead of rolling it. She went from hysterical laughter to a full blown melt down in one bounce of a ball!’ ~ Louisa Nicholls
  • ‘Daddy drew him a picture of Batman (at his request) but he used red pen and ‘Batman is black and blue’!’ ~ Beccy Knaresborough
  • ‘She wanted ‘my other haaa hooooooo’ despite the fact she only has one…’ ~ Lyndsey Gould
  • ‘Because Santa wasn’t bringing him presents that night (It was in March)’ ~ Sarah Gibson

They don’t always save tantrums for when you’re out in public, that house of yours can cause epic wobblers!

  • ‘She had a screaming fit in the night because her blanket untucked from the end of the bed!’ ~ Louise Mooney
  • ‘Mega tears because I wouldn’t let her remove the bookmark from my partially read book’ ~ Alison Pearce
  • ‘My toddler threw a wobbler because he wanted me to bath him instead of mummy! She was not impressed’ ~ Dominic Chapman
  • ‘Absolutely no-one can have a birthday except my son. If you do, he screams and cries ‘It’s not your birthday, it’s MY birthday!’ ~ Giasia Roma
  • ‘Full blown paddy because he didn’t want to see the tractor that had just driven past us!’ ~ Leanna Roe
  • ‘going upstairs to wash hands when she wanted to do it downstairs’ ~ Dan Kat
  • ‘My son goes mad if I put my hair in a bobble and screams ‘hair long’ until I take it out!’ ~ Vicky Dunn
  • ‘Because I told her the morning routine which she apparently already knew!’ ~ Shazia Manzoor
  • ‘My son had a major meltdown as he wasn’t allowed to change a lightbulb – on the ceiling!’ ~ Carolyn Cowie




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