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Toddlers development

toddler development

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This is a particularly exciting time in your toddlers development and when you know what to expect, you can introduce games, exercises and of course, safeguarding tactics to ensure your toddler gets the most out of this period of their life.

At this stage you will notice that your child is more inquisitive and larger, clumsier movements are turning into more definite and controlled actions. Not only will your toddler be walking, but they will now most likely be running and attempting to kick and throw a ball. Such progress inevitably leads to actions which will require parents to be vigilant and monitor their child closely.

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Accidents Do Happen

As your toddler gets to grips with their surroundings and all the newfound skills they are gradually mastering, it is inevitable that they will fall or stumble sometimes and this is all part of the learning process. However, these types of accidents are common and for the most part not something a parent should be worrying about, but other potentially fatal accidents can be avoided. At two years age, toddlers may also have learned how to untwist bottle caps, so now, more than ever, it is important to put any harmful substances out of your child’s reach. They may also be able to reach door knobs and handles, allowing them to leave the safety of the room they are in and wander off into areas less hospitable.

Preparation is the key and although it may seem just moments ago that you were making your way through the minefield of protecting a new-born, toddlerhood brings with it a whole new set of precautions.

Climbing is probably your toddler’s new and favourite activity. By this stage, a toddler should be able to walk down stairs holding onto a railing and climb onto a low stool in order to reach something. These actions should be encouraged in a safe environment as it is all part of your child’s development but do ensure that you are present when stools or stairs are accessible to your toddler.toddler development

Finer Motor Skills

Depending in which area you live, your toddler will be assessed at around two years of age and you will receive an assessment to complete before the appointment. As part of this assessment, you will be asked to encourage your child to complete certain tasks such as drawing a line from the top of a page to the bottom and threading a bead onto a piece of string. These tasks ascertain the development of your child’s finer motor movements and it is probable that your toddler has already achieved many of the assessment tasks at home.

What Else Can they Do?

By the age of two, a child will most likely have a high level of comprehension when it comes to instructions. For example, if you ask them to pass you an object from a certain place they will know to what, and where, you are referring.


It is important to remember that children develop at different rates and that some may not reach certain milestones at the times expected. If you do have any concerns with regards to your toddler’s development, be it speech, motor skills or any other areas; contact your GP or health visitor.





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