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Top tips to help you lose weight

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Switch off the Television – Research shows that if you eat whilst watching the TV you can take in an average of 40% more calories than you normally would if you weren’t in front of the TV. Make sure you have no distractions even if you’re eating alone. That also includes using your phone or tablet!

Exercise 3 times a week – We all make our busy lifestyle the excuse to not exercise but make time in your schedule for it. Lunges, push-ups and squats completed for just 5 minutes and 3 times a week will help you burn more calories on a daily basis than doing nothing at all.

Reach for a friend – The next time you feel an urge to eat something you should reach for your mobile and call a friend. The cravings will only last a few minutes so by the time you’ve had a good old chinwag the craving will have passed!

Smart snacks – Eating between meals used to be a big no-no but nutritionists now know it is better to snack between meals, but make sure these are healthy snacks. The best snacks to have are protein packed items such as peanut butter and cheese (not necessarily together). So don’t grab your favourite choccy bar, that does not count!

Water is key – Many people confuse hunger with thirst so they end up eating far more than they normally would. Next time you feel hungry try drinking a glass of icy water, if you dislike water try adding fruit pieces and ice. Did you know drinking ice cold water even burns calories?

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Vegetable Medley – Try to eat as many vegetables as you can on a daily basis because adding more will fill you up. Don’t add them as sides, you can make them your meal. Green vegetables have less calories and are pretty filling too!

Are you really hungry? – Hunger pangs are signs that your body needs fuel. Your stomach is just the size of your fist so try not to over eat. Remember to try having a drink first in case you are thirsty.

Breakfast bulk up – A big breakfast packed with carbs will keep you going for longer. A full English may not be your best diet friend though….

Ditch the booze – Those cheeky little cocktails may look inviting but they do absolutely nothing to kerb your hunger pangs. The only thing they do is add roughly 100 calories to your daily intake, and yes, that’s for each one.

A good night’s sleep – Try to get as much sleep as possible, aim for 30 minutes extra in bed every morning and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. More sleep will help you make better food choices and being tired will make you more hungry.





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