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Twelve free online educational websites for kids


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For many parents the Internet is regarded as a fairly unproductive, sometimes even unsafe, space that is the last place they’d send their children to improve their education. However, there are hundreds of fantastic learning resources online for you and your child to explore. By making learning fun your child will be more inclined to study! So, here are twelve free online educational websites for kids we could find:

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a colourful, fun space you can use to encourage your children to learn. PBS has intertwined your child’s favourite PBS characters with games and education together to create an enjoyable learning experience.


“Welcome to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages.” – Wonderopolis has been recognised as a fantastic and creative educational site by many, including Time magazine, various parenting websites and USA Today.

National Geographic Little Kids

Aimed at children 5 and under, National Geographic Little Kids features videos, recipes and fun facts about animals that will keep your children entertained and their brains active.

National Geographic Kids

More games and videos for the older children from National Geographic.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain helps build upon your child’s mathematics and reading skills using interactive games.


Whyville is a place for tweens to learn and socialise in a safe and educational environment.

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Although Pottermore may not teach the usual subjects, it is a fun way to keep your child entertained through reading books and solving puzzles.


Based entirely around learning to cook, Spatulatta can teach your kid to cook and eat healthily in a fun and productive way.

NGA Kids

From the National Gallery Of Art, NGA Kids will teach your creative children everything they need to know about art.

Yahoo Kids

Although this is perhaps the least educational of the sites, there is a lot of information to help your children with their homework.


Starfall is a colourful learning environment for young children to improve their reading and spelling.


Youtube may be more renowned for videos of cats and Harlem Shake montages, but it is also home to many educational videos. Channels such as Crash Course and Scishow are entertaining and educational videos for your child to watch and learn from.





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