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Ways children Express Their Love For You

Ways children Express Their Love For You

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As parents we love our children with all our hearts. Yes, sometimes they may push boundaries, get into trouble and cause us to stay up all night worrying about them but even so they know they’ll always have our unconditional love.

On the other hand, from time to time it can be tricky to spot the signs that our love for our kids is reciprocated. Especially if they’ve spent all day pushing your buttons and not listening to a word you say. Children all express their love differently and even if they’ve been driving you crazy they will still let you know that they love you in their own way, you just need to know what to look for.

Baby smiles

Babies don’t really understand too much about the world but they do recognise the important people in their lives. If your baby flashes you a big gumsy smile when you look at her or starts searching for you when you leave the room, that’s a sure sign that she adores you.


At the time it can be difficult to appreciate a tantrum as being an act of love but, while it’s maybe not your preferred way of your child expressing herself, it does mean she loves you. Otherwise she would not feel comfortable enough to express her feelings as such an emotional outpouring.


Nobody wants to play with people they don’t like or connect with. So pulling your hand until you get up off the chair and sit down on the floor to play with your child means she genuinely wants to spend time with you. You may have a list of chores to be getting on with but they’re not going anywhere. Take the time to enjoy playing with your child and developing your relationship even further.

Comfort and approval

Ways children Express Their Love For YouWhether they’ve hurt themselves, are feeling upset or have just achieved something amazing, who are the first people kids run to tell? Their parents. Not only does this mean they have a deep trust in you and want to be in your arms when something goes wrong, they also want your approval and praise when things are going right. So the next time you’re presented with a full potty and an expectant grin, share in your child’s enthusiasm, even if you’re grimacing inside. She just wants you to be proud of her.

Confiding in you

If your child comes to you with a problem or a story of something that happened at school or between friends then that’s a sign that she trust you. Not only that, she also values your opinion and advice. Even when kids get older it’s often still their parents they go to for comfort so embrace it and make time to chat.

Children may not say “I love you” as often as you’d like but actions speak louder than words. Look out for the signs and you may be surprised at how often your children demonstrate their love for you each and every day.



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