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When people spoil your birth announcement via social media

When people spoil your birth announcement via social media

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You’ve just given birth and you’re so excited to tell all your friends and family about your new arrival, but first you need to rest up a bit and spend a little time getting to know each other. Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles have all been informed, the rest can wait a little while longer while you both gaze at your newborn with amazement.

Too late

But then you discover that it’s too late. Someone has posted comments or even photo tagging you on social media, now the whole world knows not only that baby is here but also her gender, name and weight, leaving you and your partner with nothing to announce.


It can be extremely irritating and even hurtful to have your good news broadcast for you, but take heart that it was probably done with the best of intentions. It’s lovely that other people are so excited for you, which they rushed to share their happiness with everyone they know.


When people spoil your birth announcement via social mediaOn the off chance you happen to notice the post early enough, you can untag yourself in it and ask for it to be taken down. This will give you the chance to ring around everyone and make your own social media update, before most of your family and friends see the other one. Most people will happily take down a post if asked and will be mortified that they got so carried away. (Of course there might be some who just want to be first with all the gossip, while they might take the post down, they may not be sorry they put it out there in the first place.)

Second hand announcement

You may find that friends and family are hurt that they heard the announcement second hand through social media. If they’re parent’s themselves then they’ll probably understand that after the first flurry of most important (i.e. immediate family) phone calls, new parents need a little time to take stock before they get in touch with everyone else. Explain what has happened and they’ll likely sympathise. Otherwise, be sure to let your friends know that you are sorry, you did intend to call them personally and that it was out of your hands.


Social media is great for keeping in touch with people and sharing exciting news, but it does have its downsides – other people getting in first with your birth announcement being one of them. If it happens to you then you may well be disappointed – and you’d have every right to be. But how you deal with it can affect your memories of this special time. Letting it wind you up will take some of the shine off your baby’s arrival, so try to let it go. You can always have the discussion about your privacy with the person who posted it later on. Until then, try to focus on the fact that you are finally getting to meet your child and nothing can spoil those first precious moments.






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