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When will my baby sit up?

when will my baby sit up

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If your baby has recently started rolling over then you will be asking yourself when will my baby sit up? Most babies learn to sit unaided in between rolling over and crawling, showing an interest in sitting at between four and seven months though it is important to remember that all babies develop at different paces.

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It’s not a race!

Babies can’t start to get the hang of sitting until their muscles are strong enough to support them so it’s important not to rush things.  Neck and back muscles are the main ones to look out for here.  Your baby’s muscles have been developing since birth and around now they will become strong enough to support her in a more upright position.  You’ll know your child is almost ready to sit up when she can push herself up from her tummy like a little press-up and look around, holding her head up for quite a while.  By around nine months the majority of babies can sit up unaided without falling over too often.

While us adults usually take sitting for granted, it is an important skill for babies to learn.  Sitting up on their own not only lets them view their surroundings from a different perspective, it also affords them more independence, frees up both hands for playing with toys and allows them to practice balancing before they venture up onto their feet.

when will my baby sit up

Keep a close eye on them

While your baby is learning to sit make sure you stay close to catch her if she loses her balance. Use plenty of pillows or cushions to ensure a soft landing if she does topple over and obviously restrict sitting practise to the floor to avoid injury caused by falling off a higher surface. Don’t forget that your baby will learn to move around shortly after being able to sit up so even if you leave her in the middle of the king size bed, there is always the chance she might fall off.

“Tummy time”

You can help your child learn to sit by giving her tummy time from an early age.  Tummy time helps develop the muscles needed for your baby to be able to hold her head up, an essential skill when it comes to sitting up.  Use cushions, a baby nest or even yourself to prop her up into a sitting position for short spells.  This gets your little one used to sitting and guides her in the right direction.  While your baby is sitting try to keep her legs in a V shape to help her keep her balance.  She will use her hands to lean on the floor and keep herself upright at first but gradually she’ll get the hang of how to stay upright.

Remember that babies all learn skills at different stages and not all kids will reach the same milestones at the same age.  However, if your baby isn’t sitting up by the time she is nine months old it might be worth mentioning it to your health visitor who will be able to do some simple checks and offer advice on how to encourage your little one to sit up.





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