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Why summer makes us feel good

Why summer makes us feel good

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There’s something about summer that makes us feel pretty good about life. Gone are the long, dark, cold nights and in comes sunshine and rising temperatures. Not only does this literally make the world seem like a brighter place, it also has plenty of health and wellbeing benefits for us.

Sunshine makes you happy

A combination of stronger sunlight and the long days affording you more time to enjoy it really does have an effect on people’s mood. And it’s a scientific fact. It’s all to do with the body’s natural happy hormone serotonin, which boosts your mood and is increased through exposure to sunlight.

Fun times

Childhood memories of enjoying long relaxed weeks off school every summer linger into adulthood. The attitude that summer is for having fun sticks with us and makes us feel optimistic about our plans. Barbecues, festivals, day trips and finishing up work early on a Friday to enjoy the weekend mean we get to socialise more often during the summer and feel a little more carefree than we might the rest of the year.


Added into the mix of fun times are summer holidays. For most people the summer is the only chance they get to forget about work for a fortnight and jet off somewhere sunny to spend time with the people closest to them. And what’s not to like about that?

It’s easier to get out of bed

In the winter getting out of bed in the morning can be a real struggle. It’s dark, cold and you can hear the rain battering the window. But in summer that all changes. Sunlight beaming in and the sound of birds singing makes it much easier to turn off the alarm and get out of bed. We’re not saying you’ll swish back the covers and welcome the new day in the manner of a Disney princess, but you will be a bit less inclined to press the snooze button one too many times.

Outdoor refreshments

Why summer makes us feel goodWhether you prefer Pimms, Prosecco or a nice cold beer, enjoying a drink outdoors is one of life’s little pleasures. Nothing beats a refreshing drink out in the sun and now that summer’s here you can enjoy your favourite tipple al fresco.

Improved fertility

If you’re trying to conceive then there are worse things you could do than enjoy some sunshine. Research published by Belgian scientists last month suggests that fertilisation rates, the percentage of live births and the number of eggs produced all improved when women going through IVF treatment had been exposed to sunlight. While this was a study of IVF patients, researcher Dr Frank Vandekerckhove said that the findings could also be applied to women trying to conceive naturally.

Healthier lifestyles

Finally, the summer months tend to be the time that we live most healthily. Hot stodgy comfort food is replaced with lush summer fruits and salads and we’re more likely to get our recommended intake of water. People spend much more time outside, getting fresh air and well-needed vitamin D. Also, most of us tend to exercise more as the better weather comes in. Whether it’s because we want to look our best in summer clothes or just because going for a jog is much more pleasant without the biting wind and rain, our lifestyles are generally much more healthy in the summer.





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