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Worried about balding

Worried about balding

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Often men are worried about balding, it can be difficult to come to terms with a receding hair line or a growing bald patch. However hard it is, you can find ways of coping with and accepting baldness.

Reasons for baldness

Hair loss can occur earlier than expected and some young men find themselves balding as early as 15 years of age. According to Dr Ranj Singh, “When boys go through puberty they have an increase in testosterone, which causes ‘male pattern baldness’ – the hair over the crown starts to thin and the front hairline starts to recede.” Yet there are sometimes medical reasons for baldness which should be addressed by a doctor, especially if you experience it at a young age. Alopecia areata is when hair loss occurs in patches and alopecia totalis is complete hair loss.

Genetic baldness

Sometimes going bald is all down to your genes and unfortunately is unavoidable. You can predict the age you are likely to go bald by knowing when your mother’s father began to lose his hair.

Losing your hair at a young age

You may notice some hair loss in your early twenties, or your hair may begin to thin later on in life. “Hair loss affects different people to different extents – some people start going bald earlier than others,” says Dr Singh.

Can it be prevented?

There are many products that promise to thicken hair or even help make it grow back, but you should use caution when using these as it is unlikely they will work. Hair transplants are an expensive but effective option, yet even these can be temporary or may not work at all. Yet if your hair loss is caused by an underlying medical problem, you may be prescribed medication to treat the problem and your hair can grow back. If you suspect your hair loss is not merely down to age or genetics, visit your GP. Dr Singh says, “There are several medical treatments for hair loss (including Minoxidil and Propecia) that work to varying extents.”

Minimising hair loss

Worried about baldingColouring and excess usage of products can increase the chances of hair loss, so tone it down a little if you want to maintain your locks. Dr Ranj Singh advises, “It’s important that you look after your hair – make sure you wash it regularly, don’t use water that’s too hot, and make sure your health is generally good (e.g. nutritional deficiencies can result in hair loss).” Avoid tying long hair in a tight pony tail or teasing your hair too much when styling.

Embrace the change

You may be tempted to hide your bad patches or receding hairline under a hat, but this could leave you on edge. Why not go the whole hog and shave it all off – embrace your new look with confidence? There are thousands upon thousands of men that are going through exactly the same thing, so don’t let it take over your entire life.

Dealing with baldness

Your confidence may be knocked if you previously had an enviable head of hair and are now bald. Speak to others in your family that have been through the same experience and you may find it isn’t that big a deal after all. Boost your confidence by remembering all the great things about yourself and try not to focus on this one physical aspect. It may seem a little extreme, but if you find going bald is making you depressed, or more than just a little blue, seek counselling or at the very least discuss your feelings with your GP.




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