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Your daughter’s first period: A dads guide

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Eeek! Your daughters first period – No mate we’re not talking about school, you know what we mean, the word that strikes fear into the hearts of all dads, right up there with boyfriend! It shouldn’t though, it is after all, something that happens and you need to be prepared for when that day comes.

Be honest

As I always say with everything, talking open and honestly is the best policy. Your daughter may start her period as young as nine or as late as fifteen, so getting in there early and having the chat would save you some hassle, and younger girls are usually more accommodating with embarrassing conversions than teenagers. There’s no need to go into detail, this isn’t a biology lesson, just the basics will do in order to prepare your child should it happen early on.

Talk about growing up and how the body will change, introduce the idea of bleeding, where from and how often, then talk about panty liners, towels and tampons. They may ask why it happens, you can either go straight in and tell them the truth or make up your own story as long as they understand the dynamics of what is happening.

Don’t ignore ityour daughters first period: a dads guide

As a father, you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss parts of the body with your daughter, she should feel comfortable from a young age as she will need to tell you if she has any problems and you can’t just shy away from it. Realistically, if you have a female around who can help you out then there’s no shame in that either, it easier for a woman to describe the effects of a period as I’m hoping you’ve never had one, but that isn’t a reason to go down the pub and ignore it, make sure you are involved and are 100% certain your little princess understands, because you don’t want her waking up one morning a screaming in fear do you?

Keep it light-hearted

Conversations about the facts of life are important, keep them light-hearted and ensure clear understanding but don’t avoid them, maybe avoid real graphic representation like “Return to the Blue Lagoon” but make sure you are comfortable with tackling potentially embarrassing subject matter. Of course your ability to do this will come from how forward you are with your kids, I would suggest being very open so as to allow your daughter to come to you should she feel worried. When it gets close to the time make sure there are sanitary towels in the house, maybe help her practice using one so when it happens she is prepared for it and it won’t be a shock.

Ok, you can stop cringing now, get out there and have a chat with the special little lady in your life, make sure she understands and make sure you are both prepared, and don’t be afraid to ask for advise from some of the other women in your life, it will help if you know what your talking about before starting and it’s all for your daughters benefit after all.



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