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Your teenage Daughter is pregnant

Your teenage daughter is pregnant

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It’s the news many parents dread: your teenage daughter is pregnant or your son has fathered a child. Finding out your child is expecting can be overwhelming. Teen pregnancy is not something that many parents wish for their kids and so your reaction to the news may be somewhat negative to say the least. However, it’s important to remember that your teen needs your support and that this is about her, not you.


Whether your daughter chooses to have an abortion, put the baby up for adoption or keep the baby is entirely her decision (along with her partner). You may have strong opinions about what would be the best way forward but all you can do is make sure she is aware of all the options available and what they will entail both now and in the future. By all means, offer advice and talk things through. After all, you know your teenager better than anyone and the decision will affect you as well. But at the end of the day, all you can do is advise. It’s not your decision to make.


No matter what she decides, your daughter will need the support of her parents now more than ever. It’s okay to feel upset and disappointed and, of course you should express these feelings, but choose your timing and your words carefully. Remember that telling you she is pregnant will have been a huge deal to your daughter. She knows you’ll be disappointed in her and she has probably already spent ages beating herself up for getting into this situation. What she needs now is your support, not a lecture or shouting match about how ‘stupid’ she has been.

The future

Yor teenage daughter is pregnantOne of the ways you can prepare your teenager for life as a new parent is by helping make decisions about the future. Will you daughter stay on at school? What are her ambitions for the future and how will achieving those goals fit in around having a baby? Who will care for the baby while she is at school or college? How will she afford everything a baby needs? Try to prepare your teen for the changes that will inevitably take place and the responsibility of raising a child. Once the practicalities are sorted it will leave more space for the emotional side of things. It will be much easier to adjust to parenthood if everything else is already in place.


As far as your daughter is concerned, the hardest part of communication is over when she tells you she’s pregnant. However, for you and your teen, it should only just be beginning. Encourage your daughter to talk to you about the fears and anxieties she will no doubt be experiencing. Listen to what she has to say and offer support where you can. You may wish that your teenager had made different choices but by supporting her now you can have a positive impact on the future of both her and your new grandchild.



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