Food eating

Food intolerance – what are the symptoms?

Food intolerance and food allergy are often mistaken for the same thing. However food intolerance is much more common. A food allergy is when someone cannot tolerate even a small amount of the offending food without suffering symptoms which often makes it easier to diagnose. A food allergy is an abnormal immune system response whereby

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mental health

Worried about the welfare of a child?

The tragic story of four-year-old Daniel Pelka who was starved and beaten to death by his mother and step father in 2012 has highlighted the danger of ignoring vital warning signs when it comes to the welfare of children. But what should you do if you suspect a child is being abused? Safeguarding children Abuse

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recognising learning disabilities

Recognising learning disabilities

When one of your children is diagnosed with anything whether it is physical, mental or emotional it is very natural to feel a bit shocked and concerned. If the diagnosis is something that you have been expecting you may feel relieved to have it officially confirmed but whatever your reaction an official label of learning

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should i give my child a dummy

Should I give my baby a dummy?

Along with all the other myriad of topics parents frequently have to worry about is the should i give my baby a dummy quandary, or pacifiers if you prefer, remains a debate which divides parents and experts alike. The moment you become a parent it you seem to enter into a world where morals, ethics

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Children running

Is running good for kids?

Walk past any primary school playground at break times and you’re likely to see scores of kids running around enjoying themselves. Running comes naturally to children – often they don’t even realise they’re doing it – and so it makes sense to encourage them to make a hobby of it before they grow out of

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supporting your child with different learning difficulties

Supporting children with different types of learning difficulties

There are lots of different types of learning difficulties that all sit under this one umbrella term. We looked at some of the common signs to look out for in your children’s development in our article on ‘recognising the signs of learning difficulties’ which may give you a starting point for conversations with staff at

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