Chocolate easter eggs

Life without chocolate

Christmas, Easter and birthdays are surely the most exciting times for a child, and one of the main reasons is the bounty of chocolate. Memorable events in childhood are marked with an endless confectionery-conveyor-belt of selection boxes, Easter Eggs and birthday cakes – but what happens if your child is allergic to dairy products, wheat,

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high temperature in children

High temperature in children

Children and fevers A high temperature or fever is actually the body’s way of fighting infections. By raising the body temperature to fever level, it make is harder for viruses or bacteria to live and spread. However, when your child is ill and has a fever, it can be a worrying time for a parent,

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Child sore knee

My child has injured his knee

What should I do? Knee injuries are all too common in sports-loving children, but unlike other sprains and strains they need to be dealt with especially carefully, as this particular joint is notorious for deteriorating in later life following a childhood accident. This is probably due to the knee being the largest joint in the

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cure for asthma

Does my child have asthma

What causes asthma? With over 1.1 million children in the UK having asthma , 1 in 5 families having someone with asthma in the household and most of us knowing someone with asthma, it is a common condition which can be effectively controlled. The symptoms differ in each person and while they are usually quite

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Should kids do chores and why

Are we being too clean?

Are you forever using the antibacterial wipes or more worried are we being too clean? ‘A little bit of muck never hurt anyone’, or if you are to believe the numerous TV adverts and articles about germs and bacteria spreading like wildfire, then a little bit of muck is to be avoided at all costs!

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could breastfeeding help with depression

Breast is best?

Health professionals and advertising campaigns have been drumming the Breast is Best message into new and expectant mothers for years.  But what if you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed – should you hang your head in shame or feel like you’re doing wrong by your baby?  Of course you shouldn’t. Breast is it best?

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