Arguing with your partner- Am I being unreasonable?

relationship counselling

Relationship counselling

A Man’s Perspective I’m ideally suited to this subject as I am indeed, a man, and as a man I can confirm the suspicions of all the women who are reading this, men don’t like talking about how they feel, in fact nine times out of ten we’re not even aware of how we feel,

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make time for your partner

Make time for your partner

Don’t forget your partner Becoming a parent is a magical, life changing event and although you want to enjoy all the new experiences parenthood brings, you shouldn’t forget that you are also a wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or partner. Sometimes the demands of a new baby can leave you stressed out or too tired to

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am i a control freak

Am I a control freak?

What is a control freak? So-called ‘control freaks’ rarely know that they are a control freak. They simply believe things are better done their way and that everyone will benefit from their input, or criticism.They have an overwhelming need and desire to be in control of the people and situations around them – that is

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domestic violence

Emotional abuse

Domestic abuse We are all used to thinking in terms of domestic violence and we all know the images that go along with it – bruised and battered faces, and excuses about walking into cupboard doors. But as horrifying as physical violence is, there is another, more subtle form of abuse which can be just

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emotional health

Emotional health

 It is Just as Important as Physical Well-being? Well-being used to be defined by the physical – if you were sick you saw the doctor, and after successful treatment you were deemed to be well again.  It is only in recent years that the concept of emotional health has come to the fore.  The brain

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arguing over money

Arguing about money?

Are you and your partner starting to or continually arguing about money? Money is one of those subjects that is hard for many in today’s world to approach without a big sigh first, it can be hard to keep afloat when you have a demanding new family and the money you have always had doesn’t

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