I'm worried my child has ADHD

Is your child showing signs of aggression?

Is your child showing signs of aggression or becoming violent? Aggression is on the same spectrum as anger and assertiveness, both of which are important qualities for a child to develop in order to stand up for themselves and clearly express their needs. Recognise symptoms However if these behaviours tip into what is deemed as

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Coping with an aggressive teenager

We’ve all had experience of moody, sulky teenager syndrome; we’ve either been one, or had the pleasure of raising one. But coping with an aggressive teenager is a different kettle of fish. Challenging behaviour from an adolescent is to be expected and usually goes with the territory of raging hormones and bodily changes, but what if

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Lazy teenager girl

Talking to your teenager

Talking to your teenager is no easy feat; Stereotypes of grunty non-communicative teens can lead parents to expect difficulties and to miss the opportunities that are still present in this phase for close times which can result in both parent and child feeling sad and isolated from the other. The equivalent amount of development that

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Am i embarrassing

Am I embarrassing?

As parent’s we may have often asked ourselves ‘am I embarrassing?’ especially when kids reach their teenage years. When our children were young, they would come running out from school with a big hug and kiss for us, were happy to walk round a shopping centre and sit and have ice-cream. Then what seems like

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